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Animal Sciences

We are diverse department committed to animal science and service. Our investment in scientific research aims to optimize animal and environmental health and productivity. Through scientific inquiry we enhance our community engagement in equine assisted therapies and land stewardship practices.

Research and Engagement

Our research covers a spectrum of subjects including equine science, genetics, livestock health and welfare, and meat safety. We are motivated by our commitment to improve stewardship for our livestock and the land that sustains them.

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Story of Impact

Bella Pulido

Growing up, Bella Pulido always saw herself as an ag person, but she learned “ag” looks different for everyone. She saw an opportunity to create a new space for Agricultural Sciences students who come from backgrounds that may look different from their cohorts’. Valuing diverse voices and contributions from the broader ag community are a crucial element to our students’ success and advancing the animal science industry.

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Upcoming Department Events

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Animal Science Degrees and Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

Livestock Business Management Major

Use an interdisciplinary, systems approach to effectively manage livestock businesses for the benefit of humans and animals.

Degree Details for Livestock Business Management Major

Contact the Department

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