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Theses & Dissertations

All DARE graduate students must prepare and defend a original work of scholarly research. With the advent of electronic filing, here we provide access to completed theses, technical papers, and dissertations submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.


Al-Maamari, A. 2017. Thesis. Potential Impacts of Hard Infrastructure Development on Agricultural Trade
Chair: Dr. Amanda Countryman

Alnafissa, M. 2017.  Thesis. Three Essays on Food Security and Dietary Diversity
Chair:Dr. Stephan Kroll

Apriesnig, J. 2017. DissertationBioeconomic and General Equilibrium Framework to Address Fishery Management and Aquatic Invasive Species
Chairs:  Dr. Christopher Goemans and Travis Warziniack

Chriestenson, C. 2017. Thesis. Community, Individual, and Referendum Characteristics Affecting Support for Conservation in Colorado
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany

Christensen, J. 2017. Thesis. Assessing Market Channel Performance of Colorado Specialty Crop Producers
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany

Dodge, L. 2017. Thesis. A Dupont Model Approach to Financial Management: A Case Study of Veterinary Practices
Chair: Dr. Stephen Koontz

Geleta, S. 2017. Dissertation. Measuring Citizens’ Preferences for Protecting Environmental Resources: Applications of Choice Experiment Surveys, Social Networking Analysis and Deliberative Citizens’ Juries
Chair: Dr. John Loomis

Guzman, D. 2017. Thesis. The Value of Preventative Care versus Treatment for Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Clients
Chair: Dr. Stephen Koontz

Holderieath, J. 2017. Dissertation. Essays on Feral Swine: Producer Welfare Effects and Spatio-Temporal Management of Feral Swine
Chair: Dr. Joleen Hadrich and Dr. Dustin Pendell

Larsen, R. 2017. Thesis. Economic Analysis of Profitability Factors in Cattle Feeding: A Model for Optimal Feeding to Achieve Maximum Profitability
Chair: Dr. Stephen R. Koontz

Linnell, P. 2017. Thesis. Forecasting Fed Cattle Prices: Errors and Performance During Periods of High Volatility
Chair: Dr. Stephen R. Koontz

Mutyasira, V. 2017. Thesis. Prospects for Sustainable Intensification of Smallholder Farming Systems in Ethiopian Highlands
Chair: Dr. Dana Hoag and Dr. Dustin Pendell

Orlando II, A. 2017. Thesis. Economic and Environmental Trade-Offs of Irrigation Best Management Practices in the Lower Arkansas River Valley
Chair: Dr. Dana Hoag

Sharp, M. 2017. Dissertation. Three essays on Institutional Design for Voluntary Water Conservation
Chair: Dr. Dana Hoag

Shepler, R. 2017. Thesis. An Analysis of the Impact of Land Tenure on Groundwater Use and Attitudes Concerning Groundwater Conservation in Colorado’s Republican River Basin
Chair: Dr. Jordan Suter

Sinclair, W. 2017. Thesis. Not So Sweet: Potential Economic Implications of Restricting U.S. Sugar Imports from Mexico
Chair: Dr. Amanda Countryman

Ufer, D. 201. Thesis. Quality and Price Impacts on U.S. Demand for Lamb Imports
Chair: Dr. Amanda Countryman

Van Sandt, A. 2017. Dissertation. Regional Dimensions of Agritourism: Exploring Spatial and Traveler Heterogeneity
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany

Weiss, J. 2017. Thesis. An Investigation into the Starting Salaries of Male and Female Veterinarians
Chair: Dr. Marshall Frasier and Dr. Joleen Hadrich


Appleby, C. 2012. Thesis. Measuring Consumer Willingness to Pay for Reduced Sulfur Dioxide Content Levels in Wine: A Conjoint Analysis.
Chair: Dr. Marco Costanigro

Brandess, A. 2012. Thesis. Modeling the Profitability of Camelina Sativa as a Biofuel Feedstock in Eastern Colorado.
Co-Chairs: Dr. Dana Hoag and Dr. Catherine Keske

Cho, Chulgu. 2012. Thesis. Stock Market Reaction to Animal Disease Outbreaks: An Event Study in Korean Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
Chair:  Dr. Dustin Pendell

Evans, S. 2012. Dissertation. Global Impacts of U.S. Bioenergy Production and Policy: A General Equilibrium Perspective
Chair: Dr. Dana Hoag

Goldbach, R. 2012. Dissertation. Spatial dimensions of natural resource decisions: private responses to public resource decisions.
Co-Chairs: Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr. Thilmany

Gunter, A. 2012. Thesis.  Rebuilding Local Food Systems: Marketing and Economic Implications for Communities.
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany

Hou, L. 2012. Dissertation. Soil Degradation in China: Implications for Agricultural Sustainability, Food Security and the Environment
Chair: Dr. Dana L.K. Hoag

Hu, W. 2012. Dissertation. Evaluating Structural and Performance Dynamics of a Differentiated U.S. Apple Industry.
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany

Kaspberg, K.2012. Thesis. An Econometric Model of Determinants of Visitor Use on Western National Forests.
Chair: Dr. John Loomis

Larsen, E. 2011. Thesis. An Economic Assessment of White Crappie (Pomoxis Annularis) Culture Methods
Chair: Dr. Craig Bond

McGuire, M. 2012. Thesis. Forecasting Class III Milk Prices in a Volatile Market.
Chair: Dr. Dustin Pendell

Mortenson, Ryan. 2012. Thesis. Two Essays on the Colorado State University Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program.
Co-Chairs: Dr. Dustin Pendell and Dr. Jay Parsons

Serbina, L. 2012. Thesis. Describing and Quantifying Revenue Risks Producers Face When Adopting Water Cropping Systems
Co-Chairs: Dr. Christopher Goemans and Dr. James Pritchett

Zhu, Y. 2012. Thesis. Analysis of Chinese and U.S. Soy Markets and Trade Dynamics.
Chair: Dr. Dawn Thilmany


Alamri, Y.A. 2010. Technical Paper.  Forecasting U.S. Exports of Corn.
Chair: Dr. Steve Davies

Brito, P.R.B. 2010. Technical Paper. Farm Management in Crop Production Under Limited Water Conditions in Balkh, Afghanistan.
Chair: Dr. Steve Davies

Cozzens, T. 2010. Thesis.  Economic Impact of Feral Swine Transmitted Foot-and-Mouth Disease to Livestock in Kansas.
Chair: Dr. Dustin Pendell

Greathouse, B. 2010. Thesis. Vaccination Strategies for a Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Southwest Kansas.
Chair: Dr. Dustin Pendell

Thomas, C.M. 2010. Thesis. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Preventative Management for Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Colorado-Big Thompson System.
Co-Chairs: Dr. Craig Bond and Dr. Christopher Goemans

Thorvaldson, J.L. 2010. Dissertation. Water Use in the Western U.S. Irrigated Agriculture, Water, Leases, and Public Preferences. 
Chair: Dr. James Pritchett

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