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Dr. James Pritchett

Executive Association Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota
Shepardson Building
(970) 491-5496

Research Interests:

My research and outreach effort targets applied economic issues important to stakeholders in Colorado agriculture and throughout the West. Most recently, focus has been placed on water resources: how farms might make the best use of limited water resources, the economic activity generated by irrigated agriculture in rural regional economies, and the perceptions that households have for water use. Additionally, effort has been invested in understanding if crop insurance is an effective risk management tool for dryland wheat farmers, the economics of animal disease, and creating business plans for small and medium sized businesses. Research has been supported by the USDA-NRI competitive grants program, the Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, the USDA Agricultural Research Service, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Colorado’s Agriculture Experiment Station.


AGRI 192 – Orientation to Agricultural Systems
AREC 305 – Enterprise Analysis
AREC 308 – Agricultural Finance
AREC 310 – Agricultural Marketing
AREC 408 – Agriculture Finance
AREC 428 – Agribusiness Management
AREC 510 – Agriculture Commodity Marketing
BUS 635 – Economics for World Business

Selected Publications, Presentations and Projects:

Selected Publications

Bauman, A., C. Goemans, J. Pritchett and D. Thilmany-MacFadden. 2013. “Estimating the Economic and Social Impacts from the Drought in Southern Colorado, Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, Issue 151, August 2013.

Gold, A.j. et al. J. Pritchett as contributing author. 2013. “Advancing Water Resource Management in Agricultural, Rural, and Urbanizing Watersheds: Why Land-Grant Universities Matter” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. July/August 2013.

Kachergis, E. J., C. N. Knapp, M. E. Fernandez-Gimenez, J. P. Ritten, J. G.Pritchett, J. Parsons, W. Hibbs and R. Roath. 2013. Tools for ResilienceManagement: Multidisciplinary Development of State-and-Transition Models for Northwest Colorado. Ecology and Society 18:4: 39. [online] URL:

Kavoi, M.M., D.L. Hoag, and J. Pritchett. 2013. Influence of Institutional and Socio-Economics Factors on the Supply Response of Smallholder Dairy Farms in the Marginal Zones of Kenya. Journal of International Development. 25:3:393-411. DOI: 10.1002/jid.1741.

Pritchett, J., J. Fulton, and S. Hine. 2012. “Keys to Successful Programming: Incentives in Multi-Institutional Partnerships. Journal of Extension. Vol. 50 No. 1. Article Number 1COM2. 7 pages.

Pritchett, J., E. Kachergis, J. Parsons, M. Fernandez-Gimenez, J. Ritten. 2012. “Home on a Transitioning Range: A Ranch Simulation Game Demonstrating STMs.” Rangelands. 34:3:53-59.

Lindenmayer, R., N. Hansen, J. Brummer and J. Pritchett. 2011. Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa for Water-Savings in the Great Plains and Intermountain West: A Review and Analysis of the Literature. Agronomy Journal. Vol. 103, No.1. pp. 45-50.

Kavoi, M., M, D. Hoag and J. Pritchett. 2010. “Economic performance of exotic dairy cattle under smallholder conditions in the marginal zones of Kenya using three analytical approaches.” Agrekon, Vol 49, No 1 (March 2010). Pp 56-79.

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Thorvaldson, J., J. Pritchett and C. Goemans. 2010. “Western Households’ Water Knowledge, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Vo. 58 (2010) pp. 497-514.

Kavoi, M., D. Hoag and J. Pritchett. 2009. “Production structure and derived demand for factor inputs in smallholder dairying in Kenya.” African of Agriculture and Resource Economics. Vol 3. No. 2. (September) 122-143.

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Pritchett, J., J. Thorvaldson and M. Frasier. 2008. “Water as a Crop: Limited Irrigation and Water Leasing in Colorado.” Review of Agricultural Economics. Vol 30. No. 3. pp. 435-444.

Dalsted, N., R. Sharp. J.Tranel and J. Pritchett. 2007. “Investment Analysis – Purchasing Cows and Heifers in a Strong Cattle Market.” Journal of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. April. Pp. 11-16.

Pritchett, J. and S. Hine. 2007. “Profitability Benchmarks: A Tool For Cooperative Educators.” Journal of Extension. Article 5RIB1. Vo. 45. No. 5.

Pritchett, J., K. Johnson, D. Thilmany and W. Hahn. 2007. “Consumer Responses to Recent BSE Events.” Journal of Food Distribution Research. Vol. 38. No. 2 Awarded Best JFDR Article 2006-07.

Pritchett, J., E. Scott, A. Seidl and W. Umberger. 2007. Colorado Preferences for Federal Agricultural Policy and the 2007 Farm Bill. Technical Report No. TR07-06. Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station. Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO. May.

Pritchett, J. and J. Thorvaldson. 2007. “Some Economic Effects of Changing Augmentation Rules in Colorado’s Lower South Platte Basin: Producer Survey and Regional Economic Impact Analysis.” Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Completion Report # 209. Fort Collins, CO.

Pritchett, J. and D. Thilmany. 2006.“The Cow That Stole Christmas? Exploring the Role of Media Coverage in Recent BSE Outbreaks.” Western Economics Forum. Vol 4. No. 2. pp:24-28.

Pritchett, J. and J. Thorvaldson. 2006. “Economic Impact Analysis of Irrigated Acreage in Four River Basins in Colorado.” Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Completion Report # 207. Fort Collins, CO. December 2006.

Hine, J., J. Fulton and J. Pritchett. 2005. “Cooperative Director Training: Changing the Way Extension Programs.” Journal of Extension. Vol. 43. No. 3.

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Pritchett, J., D. Thilmany and K. Johnson. 2005. “Animal Disease Economic Impacts: A Survey of Literature and Typology of Research Approaches.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. Vol 8. Issue 1: 23-45.

Relevant Non-refereed Technical Publications

Smith, MaryLou and Pritchett, James. 2010. Agricultural/Urban/Environmental Water Sharing: Innovative Strategies for the Colorado River Basin and the West. Colorado Water Institute Special Report Series No. 22. Colorado State University.

Pritchett, James. 2010. Quantification Task: A Description of Agriculture Production and Water Transfers in the Colorado River Basin. Colorado Water Institute, Special Report Series No. 21. Colorado State University.

Davies, S., J. Pritchett, A. Davies and E. Fathelrahman. 2010. “Examining the Economics of Water Issues in Colorado: An Equilibrium Displacement Mathematical Programming Model.” Colorado Water. September/October. Vol 27. No. 5. pp:6-9.

Hansen, N., T. Holtzer, J. Pritchett and B. Lytle. 2010. “Water Conserving Cropping Systems Lower South Platte Irrigation Research and Demonstration Project” Colorado Water. July. Vol 27. No. 4.Pp 7-10.

Pritchett, J., A. Bright, A Shortsleeve, J. Thorvaldson, T. Bauder and R. Waskom. 2010. “Western Households’ Water Values, Knowledge and Preferences for Meeting Future Water Scarcity.” Rural Connections. Vol. 4. No. 2. May. Pp. 27-33.

Pritchett, J. , A. Bright, A. Shortsleeve, J. Thorvaldson, T. Bauder, and R. Waskom. 2009. “Public Perceptions, Preferences and Values for Water in the West: A Survey of Western and Colorado Residents.” Special Report No. 17. Colorado Water Institute. Fort Collins, CO.

Pritchett, J., J. Thorvaldson, N. Hansen and A. Jha. 2008. “Water Leases and Limited Irrigation: Opportunities and Challenges for Colorado’s South Platte Basin.” Conference Proceedings from Urbanization of Irrigated Land and Water Transfers. US Committee on Irrigation and Drainage. Scottsdale, AZ. May 28-31.

Thorvaldson, J. and J. Pritchett. 2007. Some Economic Effects of Changing Augmentation Rules in Colorado’s Lower South Platte Basin: Producer Survey and Regional Economic Impact Analysis. Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Completion Report # 209. Fort Collins, CO. July. Located at

Recent Relevant Grant Awards

J. Pritchett (co-PI), A Bright (co-PI), R. Waskom, M. Niebauer and T. Bauder. “Public Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Agricultural Water Use in the West Water Use/Reuse and Water Security: What Do Households Value?” USDA-CSREES-National Facilitation Project. $171,773.

T. Holtzer (PD) N. Hansen (co-PI), J. Pritchett (co-PI), D. Westfall, M Frasier, E. Schuck, T. Bauder, J. Schneekloth and J. Brummer. “Developing a Model to Sustain Irrigated Agriculture While Meeting Increasing Urban Water Demand in Colorado. Cooperative Proposal with Parker Water and Sanitation District. $984,127

J. Pritchett, J., R. Waskom, N. Hansen, D. Westfall, C. Bond, E. Schuck, D. Hoag. USDA-NRI-Agricultural Prosperity of Small and Medium Sized Farms. “Developing Economically Sustainable Cropping Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Farms in an Increasingly Scarce Water Environment.” $499,113.

N. Hansen, J. Pritchett, D. Westfall, T. Bauder, J. Schneekloth, R. Waskom, and J. Brummer “Sustainable Cropping Systems for Transition from Full Irrigation To Limited Irrigation and Dryland.” Natural Resources Conservation Service – Conservation Innovation Grants. $275,000.

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