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Dr. Norman L. Dalsted

B327 Clark Bldg.

Research Interests:

The primary areas of research in which I have been involved include costs of production related to crops, vegetables, fruit, and livestock throughout Colorado. I have been involved in developing actual crop enterprise budgets for various crops to include wheat, corn, alfalfa, sugar beets, barley, dry beans, and corn silage on an annual basis since the1983 crop year. Livestock budgets including cow calf, sheep, and stocker/yearling budgets which are prepared less frequently but usually every 3-5 years. Dairy analysis has also become an important industry in Colorado and as such research related to annual operating costs and investment requirements of a dairy are developed periodically as the need arises.

Crop insurance as a tool to protect today’s producers against market and weather risks has become an important topic in production agriculture. The various insurance products being offered such as revenue assurance, multi-peril, and adjusted gross revenue create researchable questions as to what product an individual producer should select to best meet their needs yet be affordable to the business. Efforts between Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, and Colorado State University are on-going to develop educational and training materials for crop insurance agents in these states as well as surrounding states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Much of the effort is related to the risk management applications of crop insurance products.

Two additional areas of interest include estate planning and financial analyses to include bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 reorganizations. Very little research has been done related to the successful application of these reorganization tools that are available to agricultural producers. Estate planning is another topic that is overlooked by many of today’s agriculturalists. Development of the educational materials to assist individuals and families is necessary to provide guidance and direction in the transfer process. Estate tax is for many agricultural operations an important consideration, however, in many situations how to transfer the business to heirs is even a bigger hurdle.


Selected Publications, Presentations and Projects:

Recent Publications

“Investment Analysis—Purchasing Cows and Heifers in a Strong Cattle Market,” Journal of Society and Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Spring 2007.

“Influence of Free-Stall Bed Type on Prevalence and Severity of Hock Injuries in Commercial U.S. Dairy Cows,” Journal of Dairy Science. JOS – 06 – 0793. With Wendy Fulwider. December 2006.

“An Evaluation of the Lamb Vision System as a Predictor of Lamb Carcass Red Meat Yield Percentage,” Journal of Animal Science. pp. 1488-98. With A. S. Brady, K.E. Belt, et al. 2003.

“Input Optimization in the Production of Finisher Pigs in United States”, The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, Volume 71, Number 10, pp. 995-997. With Losinger, Sampath and Salman. New Delhi, October 2001.

“Rural Supply Cooperative Capital Budgeting Decision Case: Feasibility Study of Auxiliary Enterprises for a Rural Supply Cooperative,” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, No. 4, pp. 197-204.  2001.

“Structural Transformations in the United States Swine Industry”, Indian Farming, Volume 50, Number 5, pp. 32-35. With Losinger, Sampath and Salman. August 2000.

“Estimation of Net Present Value of Beef Females of Various Ages and the Economic Sensitivity of Net Present Value to Changes in Production,” The Professional Animal Scientist, Vol. 15, pp. 46-52. With Whittier and Meek. 2000.

Base Appointment:

Resident Instruction, Research, and Outreach

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