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Yoo Hwan Lee

LeeYHPh.D. Student

Anticipated Completion: 2015






Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University

M.A., Economics, University of Kansas 2010

Field Interests
University Knowledge Transfer & Entrepreneurship, Agricultural R&D Expenditures, Local Agricultural Economies, and International Food & Agricultural Trade

Thesis Topic

Dissertation Topic
Three Essays on the University R&D Expenditures and Entrepreneurship: Focus on the Colorado State University R&D and Knowledge Spillover to Local Agricultural Economies

Committee Members
Dr. Gregory Graff (Advisor), Dr. Dana L.K. Hoag (Co-Advisor), Dr. Stephen R. Koontz, and Dr. David Mushinski


  • Education
  • Fields of Interest
  • Thesis Topic
  • Dissertation Topic
  • Dissertation Committee Members
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