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Student Research Publications

The following is a list of recent peer-reviewed research publications that include DARE graduate students, indicated in bold, as co-authors.


2020Blumberg, J., & Thompson, G. (2021). Nonparametric segmentation methods: Applications of unsupervised machine learning and revealed preference. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
2020Dimke, C., Lee, M. C., & Bayham, J. (2020). Working from a distance: Who can afford to stay home during COVID-19? Evidence from mobile device data. medRxiv.
2020Maas, A., Goemans, C., Manning, D. T., Burkhardt, J., & Arabi, M. (2020). Complements of the house: Estimating demand-side linkages between residential water and electricity. Water Resources and Economics, 29, 100140.
2020Samad, G., & Graff, G. D. (2020). The Urban Concentration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Agricultural and Natural Resource Industries. In Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship (pp. 91-116). Springer, Cham.
2020Seidl, A., Mulungu, K., Arlaud, M., van den Heuvel, O., & Riva, M. (2020). Finance for nature: A global estimate of public biodiversity investments. Ecosystem Services, 46, 101216.
2020Shartaj, M., & Suter, J. F. (2020). Exploring the Local Determinants of Campground Utilization on National Forest Land. In Western Economics Forum (Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 114-128).
2020Stone, J., Goemans, C., & Costanigro, M. (2020). Variation in Water Demand Responsiveness to Utility Policies and Weather: A Latent-Class Model. Water Economics and Policy, 6(01), 1950006.
2020Ufer, D., Countryman, A. M., & Muhammad, A. (2020). How important are product attributes for US lamb imports?. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 23(1030-2020-1732), 411-423.
2021Bonanno, A., & Mendis, S. S. (2021). Too cool for farm to school? Analyzing the determinants of farm to school programming continuation. Food Policy, 102045.
2021Didero, N., Costanigro, M., & Jablonski, B. B. (2021). Promoting farmers market via information nudges and coupons: A randomized control trial. Agribusiness.
2021Dimke, C., Lee, M. C., & Bayham, J. (2021). COVID-19 and the Renewed Migration to the Rural West. In Western Economics Forum (Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 89-102).
2021Hrozencik, R. A., Manning, D. T., Suter, J. F., & Goemans, C. (2021). Impacts of Block‚ÄźRate Energy Pricing on Groundwater Demand in Irrigated Agriculture.¬†American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
2021Janusch, N., Kroll, S., Goemans, C., Cherry, T. L., & Kallbekken, S. (2021). Learning to accept welfare-enhancing policies: an experimental investigation of congestion pricing. Experimental Economics, 24(1).
2021Long, A. B., Jablonski, B. B., Costanigro, M., & Frasier, W. M. (2021). The impact of state farm to school procurement incentives on school purchasing decisions. Journal of School Health, 91(5), 418-427.
2021Love, E., Ehrlich, S., & Sullins, M. (2021). Colorado Producers during COVID-19: A Closer Look at the Potato Supply Chain. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 52(1).
2021Seidl, A., Mulungu, K., Arlaud, M., van den Heuvel, O., & Riva, M. (2021). The effectiveness of national biodiversity investments to protect the wealth of nature. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 5(4), 530-539.
2021Warziniack, T., Haight, R. G., Yemshanov, D., Apriesnig, J. L., Holmes, T. P., Countryman, A. M.,Rothlisberger, J. D. & Haberland, C. (2021). Economics of invasive species. Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States, 305.
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