Water, trees and mountains.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Minor – On Campus or Online

Do You Want to Improve the Management and Sustainability of our Natural Resources and Environment?

The Environmental and Natural Resource Economics minor is open to all students who desire to complete an integrated set of courses where they learn how to apply economics to a broad range of natural resources and environmental issues. Students have the opportunity to develop skills to evaluate private and societal choices that are made regarding human interactions with the natural world.

Economic theory and analytical methods are central to most public policy discussions and investment projects. Students who build these skills will be positioned to guide social dialogue and private investment around some of the most important issues of the modern era.

The minor is highly complementary to the major fields of study that focus on the management of natural resources (e.g., most majors within the Warner College of Natural Resources) and those that focus on public policy and social choice. Applicable courses that contribute to the minor include core courses in environmental and natural resource economics, as well as courses applied to specialty topics in water, outdoor recreation and tourism, energy, development, and agriculture.


  • Technical competency including appropriate use of economic theory in formulating analytical problems, identifying and gathering appropriate data, and employing appropriate economic methods to analyze those problems, utilizing appropriate available computer technology.
  • Ability to solve real-world problems beyond the pedagogical context. Students will be able to identify a problem and its scope, evaluate resources available to address the problem, formulate alternative solutions, and select the solution(s) most consistent with a stated objective.
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication including the ability to communicate critically and analytically at a professional level.

Where You’ll Find Us

Teaching at ARDEC.

Agricultural Research & Development Center

Work directly with crops and livestock at this research and teaching complex — one of nine around the state.

Aerial view of almost completed construction site for three story academic building on CSU campus

Nutrien Building

Our Environmental & Natural Resource Economics Programs will return to the Nutrien Building when it opens the spring of 2022.

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  • Business
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Management
  • Natural Resources
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  • Parks and Recreation
  • Resource Policy Analyst
Aubriel Jones.

Department Advisor

Aubriel Jones

For more information, contact Aubriel Jones, Coordinator of Undergraduate Success for the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Advising focus is on-campus students, last names A-J.

Jesse Kuklakis.

Department Advisor

Jesse Kuklakis

For more information, contact Jesse Kuklakis, Academic Success Coordinator for the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Advising focus is on-campus students, last names K-Z.