Integrating Research and Education

[Discussion how research programs are organized into 5 primary categories and how these align with specializations, or “areas” students can focus their studies…pulled research areas from current site]

AnSci Monthly Seminar Series

Our focus and commitment is to engage with stakeholders, growers, and agricultural communities throughout Colorado. Each month, we host a webinar discussing the latest topics in animal sciences and how they intersect with our State’s agriculture.

Breeding and Genetics

Our breeding and genetics group comprises faculty investigating genetics in large animals including cattle and horses. We specialize in optimizing performance and environmental adaptability.


Breeding and Genetics Research Facilities


Equine Orthopaedic Research Center

Our Equine Sciences program collaborates with the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to combine our expertise in equine medicine. The research team is comprised of a dedicated group of senior scientists, graduate and post-doctoral students who are continuing to answer critical questions about equine orthopaedic health.

Current Research

Our current research investigates musculoskeletal tissue healing, bone and joint disease, exercise-induced traumatic disease, traumatic synovitis, capsulitis and osteoarthritis, rehabilitation and physical therapy for musculoskeletal disease.



Meat Safety & Quality 

The Meat Safety & Quality Program at Colorado State University conducts and publishes applied industry research addressing significant and timely issues related to the global competitiveness of red meats, including red meat safety and product quality, and efforts to export more red meat products to international markets.


Research Facilities


Dairy Management Systems

The Dairy Management Systems research group prides itself on helping Colorado’s dairy produces while promoting and creating some of the top programs around.


Research Facilities



The Equine Reproduction Lab currently focuses their research on equine genetic preservation, assisted reproductive techniques, fertilization and pregnancy, reproductive physiology, and reproductive pathology.


Research Facilities



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Research Facilities


Livestock Behavior and Welfare

The Livestock Behavior and Welfare research group at Colorado State University performs research in a variety of topic areas with primary focus on food animal behavior and welfare.


Research Facilities


Beef Management Systems

The Colorado State University Beef Management Systems team realizes the large impact that beef production has on Colorado’s Agriculture.


Research Facilities