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Master of Science in Soil and Crop Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics

Do You Want to Develop the Science, Practices, and Technology to Feed the World While Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Agriculture? 

The Master of Science in Soil and Crop Sciences Plant Breeding and Genetics program are expended on the breeding, development, and/or testing of improved cultivars and genetic materials of wheat, dry beans, barley, oilseed crops, and corn. Special limitations due to high elevations, short growing seasons, and unpredictable rainfall impose unique demands on crop cultivars in the major growing areas of the state. The Department has a comprehensive crop molecular genetics program involving molecular mapping and characterization of agronomically important traits in wheat, beans, and barley.

In an interdisciplinary fashion, research programs investigate plant breeding methodologies – commonly involving biotechnologies such as molecular marker mapping, quantitative trait locus analysis, and marker-assisted selection –  cytogenetics, quantitative and population genetics, physiological and statistical genetics, disease and insect resistance, and improving the nutritional value of crops. Genetic engineering of crops offers both potential benefits and risks, and both aspects of this technology are being investigated in the department.

Before You Apply

Because of our strong collaborative ethic, we require you to have an advisor prior to applying to the master’s program. Be sure to fully understand our application requirements before you apply.



Where You’ll Find Us

Teaching at ARDEC.

Agricultural Research & Development Center

Work directly with crops and livestock at this research and teaching complex — one of nine around the state.

Aerial view of almost completed construction site for three story academic building on CSU campus

Nutrien Building

Our Soil and Crop Sciences Graduate Programs will return to the Nutrien Building when it opens the spring of 2022.

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  • Agroecosystems Management
  • Agronomy
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Science
  • Soil and Crop Management
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Related Careers

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  • Environmental or Crop Consulting
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits Organizations
  • State and National Park Services Seed, Chemical, or Fertilizer Companies
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Department Advisor

Kierra Jewell

For more information, contact Kierra Jewell, Academic Contact for the Soil and Crop Sciences Graduate programs.