Sample Submittal Forms

Follow the outlined steps to properly submit your form.

Step #1:

Choose the Form That Best Fits Your Sample Type

Download the PDF form and fill it out completely. We need all the information included in the form to properly process and analyze your sample. If the form isn’t filled out your sample processing and results will be delayed.

potato plants

Plant Tissue Submission Form

Download Plant Tissue Submission Form

corn crops in a field

Crop Soil Submission Form

Corn, wheat, alfalfa, etc.

Download Crop Soil Submission Form

plants in a greenhouse

Horticulture Soil Submission Form

Gardens, lawn and turf, tomatoes, orchard, trees, etc.

Download Horticulture Soil Submission Form

compost bin

Manure and Compost Submission Form

Download Manure and Compost Submission Form

cows eating grain

Feed and Forages Submission Form – No NIR

Corn silage, sorghum, millet, alfalfa, etc.

Download Feed and Forages Submission Form

irrigation ditch in farm field

Water Submission Form

Wells, tap water, etc.

Download Water Submission Form