We are able to do the work we do because of our volunteers. Horses and humans alike need our care and support to help them thrive.

therapists working with girl

What Do Our Volunteers Do?

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds with different skillsets but the two unifying things they all have in common are helping horses and humans. They help us with the day to day management of our facilities and are integral to our therapeutic and horsemanship programs. Our volunteers get to know the herd and our clients and make lasting impressions on our hearts. 

horse being groomed

Horse Care

Horse being lead by two people

Horse Side-walking or Leading

horse eating alfalfa

Facility Care

Tony Frank and sign language interpreter at CSU SPUR Ribbon Cutting

Event Planning and Fundraising

Want to Volunteer?

Take a moment to fill out our volunteer application form and become part of the growing EAS community.

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