Weed Science Publications

This is a compiled list of publications from our lab members, current and previous. 




[we will obviously need an updated list of your publications for the past 3 years. 2020, 2021, 2022]



Previous Year Publications





Clark, S.L., D.J. Sebastian, S.J. Nissen, J.R. Sebastian. 2019. Effect of indaziflam on native species in natural areas and rangeland. Invasive Plant Science and Management 12:60-67

Clark, S.L., P.V. da Silva, F.E. Dayan, S.J. Nissen, D.J. Sebastian. 2019. The influence of winter annual grass litter on herbicide availability. Weed Science. DOI: 10.1017/ wsc.2019.45

Sebastian, D.J., S.L. Clark., S.J. Nissen, D.K. Lauer. Total vegetation control: A comprehensive summary of herbicides, application timings, and resistance management options. Weed Technology. DOI: 10.1017/wet.2019.94

Dayan, F. E. and Duke, S. O. 2019. Discovery for new herbicide sites of action by quantification of plant primary metabolite and enzyme pools.  Engineering, in press.

Takano, HK, Ovejero RFL, Belchior GG, Maymone GPL, Dayan FE. 2019. ACCase-inhibiting herbicides: mechanism of action, resistance evolution and stewardship for South America, Scientia Agricola. in press.

Takano HK, Fernandes VNA, Adegas FS, Oliveira RS Jr, Westra P, Gaines TA and Dayan FE. 2019. A novel TIPT double mutation in EPSPS conferring glyphosate resistance in tetraploid Bidens subalternans. Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry. Published online 28 June 2019

Dayan, FE. 2019. Current status and future prospects in herbicide discovery. Plants, 8.

Dayan, F. E., Barker, A., Dayan, L. C. and Ravet, K. 2019. The role of antioxidants in the protection of plants against inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen oxidase. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) 7(19): 55–63.

Keshtkar, E., Abdolshahi, R., Sasanfar, H., Zand, E., Beffa, R., Dayan, F. E. and Per Kudsk, P. 2019. Assessing fitness costs from a herbicide-resistance management perspective: A review and insight. Weed Science 67, 137-148.

Lebecque, S., Lins, L., Dayan, F. E., Fauconnier, M.-L., Deleu, M. 2019. Interactions between natural herbicides and lipid bilayers mimicking the plant plasma membrane. Frontiers in Plant Science 10:329

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Barker, A. and Dayan, F. E. 2019. The fate of glyphosate in Roundup Ready sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 67 (7), 2061–206.

Romdhane, S., Devers-Lamrani, M., Beguet, J., Bertrand, C., Calvayrac, C., Salvia, M.-V., Jrad, A. B., Dayan, F. E., Spor, A., Barthelmebs, L., and Martin-Laurent, F. 2019. Assessment of the ecotoxicological impact of natural and synthetic β-triketone herbicides on the diversity and activity of the soil bacterial community using omic approaches. Science of the Total Environment 651:241-249.

Duke, S. O., Stidham, M. A., and Dayan, F. E. 2019. A novel genomic approach to herbicide and herbicide mode of action discovery. Pest Management Science 75:314–317.

Brunharo, C.A.C.G.; Takano, H.K.; Mallory-Smith, C.A.; Dayan, F.E.; Hanson, B.D. 2019. Role of glutamine synthetase isogenes and herbicide metabolism in the mechanism of resistance to glufosinate in Lolium perenne L. spp. multiflorum biotypes from Oregon. J. Agric. Food Chem. 67:8431-8440.

Dayan, F.E.; Haesaert, G.; Van Leeuwen, T.; Holden-Dye, L.; Crossthwaite, A.; Nauen, R. Pesticides modes of action and resistance: A perspective from the 2019 IUPAC congress. Outlooks Pest Manag. 2019, 30, 157-163.

Takano, H.K.; Beffa, R.; Preston, C.; Westra, P.; Dayan, F.E. Reactive oxygen species trigger the fast action of glufosinate. Planta 2019, 249, 1837–1849.

Takano, H.K.; Mendes, R.R.; Scoz, L.B.; Lopez Ovejero, R.F.; Constantin, J.; Gaines, T.A.; Westra, P.; Dayan, F.E.; Oliveira Jr., R.S. Proline 106 EPSPS mutation imparting glyphosate resistance in goosegrass (Eleusine indica) emerges in South America. Weed Sci. 2019, 67, 48-56.

Takano, H.K.; Patterson, E.L.; Nissen, S.J.; Dayan, F.E.; Gaines, T.A. 2019 Predicting herbicide movement across semi-permeable membranes using three phase partitioning. Pestic. Biochem. Physiol. 159: 22-26.

Takano, H. K., Mendes, R. R., Scoz, L. B., Lopez Ovejero, R. F., Constantin, J., Gaines, T. A., Westra, P., Dayan, F. E., and Oliveira Jr., R. S. 2019. Proline 106 EPSPS mutation imparting glyphosate resistance in goosegrass (Eleusine indica) emerges in South America, Weed Science 67: 48-56.


Dayan, F. E. 2018. Editorial – Is there a natural route to the next generation of herbicides? Outlooks in Pest Management 29(2):54-57.

Busi, R., A. Porri, T. Gaines, and S. Powles. 2018. Pyroxasulfone resistance in Lolium rigidum is metabolism-based. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, in press.

Küpper, A., H. Manmathan, D. Giacomini, E. Patterson, W. McCloskey, and T. Gaines*. 2018. Population genetic structure in glyphosate-resistant and -susceptible Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) populations using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS). Frontiers in Plant Science, in press.

Pan, Z., Baerson, S. R., Wang, M., Bajsa‐Hirschel, J., Rimando, A. M., Wang, X., Nanayakkara, N. P. D., Noonan, B. P., Fromm, M. E., Dayan, F. E., Khan, I. A., and Duke, S. O. (2018). A cytochrome P450 CYP71 enzyme expressed in Sorghum bicolor root hair cells participates in the biosynthesis of the benzoquinone allelochemical sorgoleone. New Phytologist 218:616-629.

Oliveira, M., T. GainesF. Dayan, E. Patterson, A. Jhala, and S. Knezevic. 2018. Reversing resistance to tembotrione in an Amaranthus tuberculatus (var. rudis) population from Nebraska, USA with cytochrome P450 inhibitors. Pest Manag. Sci. 74, 2296-2305.

Dayan, F. E., Barker, A., and Tranel, P. J. (2018) Origins and structure of chloroplastic and mitochondrial plant protoporphyrinogen oxidases: implications for the evolution of herbicide resistance. Pest Manag. Sci. 74, 2226-2234


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Carbonari, C., Latorre, D. O., Gomes, G. L. G. C., Velini, E. D., Owens, D. K., Pan, Z., and Dayan, F. E. 2016. Resistance to glufosinate is proportional to phosphinothricin acetyltransferase expression and activity in LibertyLink® and WideStrike® Cotton, Planta, in press.

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Oliveira, M., T. Gaines, A. Jhala, and S. Knezevic. 2017. Inheritance of mesotrione resistance in an Amaranthus tuberculatus (var. rudis) population from Nebraska, USA. Frontiers in Plant Science, in press.

Beckie, H., R. Blackshaw, J. Leeson, P. Stahlman, T. Gaines, and E. Johnson. 2017. Seed bank persistence, germination and early growth of glyphosate-resistant Kochia scoparia. Weed Research, in press. DOI: 10.1111/wre.12294

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Figueiredo, M., L. Leibhart, Z. Reicher, P. Tranel, S. NissenP. Westra, M. Bernards, G. Kruger, T. Gaines*, and M. Jugulam*. 2017. Metabolism of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid contributes to resistance in a common waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) population. Pest Management Science, in press. DOI: 10.1002/ps.4811.

Chahal, P., S. Irmak, T. Gaines, K. Amundsen, M. Jugulam, P. Jha, I. Travlos, and A. Jhala. 2017. Control of photosystem (PS) II- and 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD)-inhibitor-resistant Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats.) in conventional corn. Weed Technology, in press.

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Küpper, A., F. Peter, P. Zöllner, L. Lorentz, P. Tranel, R. Beffa, and T. Gaines*. 2017. Tembotrione detoxification in HPPD-inhibitor resistant Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats.). Pest Management Science, in press. DOI: 10.1002/ps.4786.

Pettinga, D., J. Ou, E. Patterson, M. Jugulam*, P. Westra, and T. Gaines*. 2017. Increased Chalcone Synthase (CHS) expression is associated with dicamba resistance in Kochia scoparia. Pest Management Science, in press. DOI: 10.1002/ps.4778.

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Patterson, E., M. Fleming, K. Kessler, S. Nissen, and T. Gaines*. 2017. A KASP genotyping method to identify northern watermilfoil, Eurasian watermilfoil, and their interspecific hybrids. Frontiers in Plant Science. 8: 752. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00752.

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2015 and Prior

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