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  • Agroecosystems + soil ecology
  • Managing soil biological function to enhance resource-use efficiency and long-term agroecosystem performance
  • Understanding the impact of agricultural management on soil health and soil-based ecosystem services (e.g., crop/livestock production, erosion control, water regulation, C sequestration) and biodiversity
  • Interactions between soil biology, structure, and soil organic matter dynamics and the implications for nutrient and water dynamics in agroecosystems
  • Linkages between agroecosystem biodiversity and function (e.g., cover cropping, intercropping, diversified fallows)

Lab News



Here are some projects that we are working on:

Establishing a soil health framework for water-limited regions 
Suelos Andinos – Diversification of Agriculture from Plots to Farmscapes in the Peruvian Andes
Smallholder Soil Health Assessment
Leveraging Wheat Genotype x Soil Rhizosphere Community Interactions in a Context of Improved Soil Health
Impacts of Wheat Perennialization and Legume Intercropping on Soil Microbial Communities and Function


Past Projects:

Understanding Tillage and Residue Management Impacts on Soil Health and Water Conservation
Examining Deficit Irrigation as a Climate-Smart Alternative for Colorado Agriculture
Exploring the Potential of Dryland Cover Crops in SW Colorado and SE Utah
Cover Crop and Forage Mixtures to Improve Soil quality, Productivity, and Profitability in Water-Limited Regions
Agroforestry for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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