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About our Department

About our Department

Research Opportunities

Research training, academic guidance and career counseling are provided by faculty in the department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Research options include opportunities to concentrate on laboratory, field, greenhouse or landscape design projects. The environment created by cooperation between faculty involved in applied and basic research and extension allows students to develop a broad professional science and applied horticultural base.

Research Facilities

Our department maintains state of the art facilities for research including: controlled environment greenhouses, laboratories, trial gardens, a design center, and research centers across the state of Colorado.

Research Faculty

Our graduate study programs are linked closely to faculty activities and research interests. It is highly recommended that prospective students initiate contact with a potential research advisor prior to admission.  The list below provides a summary of research areas and links to our research faculty.

Faculty and Program Areas of Study

Arboriculture – Daniel Burcham

Bioactive Plant Components – Jorge Vivanco

Chemistry, Phytochemistry, Analytical Science –Jessica Prenni, Adam Heuberger

Controlled Environment Horticulture, Agriculture Food – Bill BauerleJosh Craver

Dietary Intervention, Gut Health, Obesity, Cancer Prevention – Henry Thompson

Ecophysiology, Environmental and Stress Physiology – Bill Bauerle, Yaling Qian

Floriculture, Greenhouse Technology – Josh Craver, Shannon Mason

Food Quality, Sensory, Human Health – Adam Heuberger, Jessica Prenni

Irrigation Management, Landscape and Ornamental Plants – Tony Koski, Jim Klett

Landscape Water Conservation – Scott Curry

Nutritional Genomics – Davina Rhodes, Adam Heuberger

Organic, Vegetable Crops – Mark Uchanski

Pomology – Ioannis Minas

Post Harvest Physiology – Sastry Jayanty

Potato Breeding and Production – David Holm, Samuel Essah

Produce Safety, Microbial Ecology – Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez

Rhizosphere Biology, Ecology – Jorge Vivanco, Jessica Prenni

Turfgrass Sciences, Turf Ecosystem Modeling – Tony Koski, Yaling Qian

Urban Agriculture, Green Roofs, and Native Plants –Jen Bousselot

Viticulture – Horst Caspari

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