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Faculty Affiliates

This is a list of selected Faculty Affiliates with the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Eduardo Blumwald, University of California, Davis – Plant physiology

Jorge Delgado, ARS/USDA – Soil plant nutrient research

Rebecca Haller, Horticultural Therapy Institute – Director

Maria Jenderek, ARS/USDA – Plant tissue culture & cryopreservation

Panayoti Kelaidis, Denver Botanic Gardens – Senior Curator & Director

Sarada Krishnan, Denver Botanic Gardens – Director of Horticulture

Jeffrey S. Lakey, LLG International – Principal

Emma Locke, Otero Junior College – Agricultural Science

Daniel Manter, ARS/USDA – Potato pathology

Patrick Martin, University of Denver

Vidyasagar Sathuyalli Rajakalyan

Scot Sedlacek, Rocky Mountain Cancer Center – Medical oncologist

Gayle Volk, ARS/USDA – Physiology of cryopreservation

Stephen Wallner, Retired Colorado State University

Pam Wolfe, University of Colorado, Denver – Biostatistics

Abdeouahhab Zaid, UAE University – Date Palm research & development

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