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Bill Bauerle

William Bauerle, Professor

Ecophysiology and Plant Stress Physiology

Nutrien Room 225
(970) 491-4088

Jennifer Bousselot

Jennifer Bousselot, Assistant Professor
Urban Horticulture and Green Roof

(970) 491-7019

Daniel Burcham

Daniel Burcham, Assistant Professor


Nutrien Room 219
(970) 491-0820

Scott Carman

Scott Carman, Assistant Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7594

Lori Catalano

Lori Catalano, Associate Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7030

Jacqueline Chaparro

Jacqueline Chaparro, Research Scientist

Nutrien Room 223
(970) 491-4615

Jessica Chitwood-Brown

Jessica Chitwood-Brown, Assistant Professor Potato Breeding and Genetics

Nutrien 235 
(970) 491-4630 
Mobile (970) 286-5159 

Jane Choi

Jane Choi, Associate Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-4298

Joshua Craver

Joshua Craver, Assistant Professor
Controlled Environmental Horticulture

Nutrien Room 242
(970) 491-7683

Kelly Curl

Kelly Curl, Associate Professor

Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7283

Scott Curry

Scott Curry, Assistant Professor

Landscape Design and Contracting

Nutrien Room 244
(970) 491-3880

Joe Eakes

Joe Eakes, Master Instructor

Nutrien Room 231
(970) 491-4351

Samuel Essah

Samuel Essah, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Potato Production and Storage

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3494, ext. 13

Brad Goetz

Bradley Goetz, Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7690

Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez

Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Assistant Professor

Produce Safety

Nutrien Room 230

Mengmeng Gu

Mengmeng Gu, Professor
Department Head
Nutrien Room 228

Adam Heuberger

Adam Heuberger, Associate Professor
Crops for Health

Nutrien Room 229
(970) 491-7068

David Holm

David Holm, Professor

Potato Breeding and Physiology

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3496, ext. 14

Andrew Houser

Andrew Houser, Extension Specialist

Manager of the Potato Certification Service

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3496, ext. 20

Sastry Jayanty

Sastry Jayanty, Professor and Extension Specialist
Postharvest Biology
NUTR Room 218
Office: (970) 491-8378
Cell: (710) 480-9042

Zachary Johnson

Zachary Johnson, Professor

Landscape Business, Design and Contracting

Nutrien Room 243
(970) 491-2835

Jim Klett

Jim Klett, Professor

Landscape Horticulture, Ornamentals and Nursery Management

Nutrien Room 208
(970) 491-7179

Anthony Koski

Anthony Koski, Professor and Interim Department Head
Turfgrass Science

Nutrien Room 222
(970) 491-7070

Chad Miller

Chad MillerAssistant Professor

Landscape Horticulture
NUTR Room 237
(970) 491-2506

Ioannis Minas

Ioannis MinasAssociate Professor


Nutrien Room 232
(970) 491-7216

Shannon Mason

Shannon Mason, Instructor


Nutrien Room 220

Jessica Prenni

Jessica Prenni, Professor

Agricultural Chemistry
Prenni Lab

Nutrien Room 234
(970) 491-3644

Yaling Qian

Yaling Qian, Professor

Turfgrass Physiology, Water Relations of Plants and Soils 

Nutrien Room 240
(970) 491-7079 office | (970) 491-7022 lab

Davina Rhodes

Davina Rhodes, Assistant Professor

Nutritional Genomics

Nutrien Room 236

Mohamed Shahba

Mohamed Shahba
Environmental Stress Physiology

Horticulture Research Center 100
(970) 491-7087

Henry Thompson

Henry Thompson, Professor

Human Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Nutrien Room 241
(970) 491-7748

Mark Uchanski

Mark Uchanski, Associate Professor
Specialty Crops

Nutrien Room 217
(970) 491-4885

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