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Bill Bauerle

William Bauerle, Professor

Ecophysiology and Plant Stress Physiology

University Services Center 420A
(970) 491-4088

Jennifer Bousselot

Jennifer Bousselot, Assistant Professor
Urban Horticulture and Green Roof

(970) 491-7019

Daniel Burcham

Daniel Burcham, Assistant Professor


University Services Center, Room 420A
(970) 491-0820

Scott Carman

Scott Carman, Assistant Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7594

Lori Catalano

Lori Catalano, Associate Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7030

Jacqueline Chaparro

Jacqueline Chaparro, Research Scientist

E445 Anatomy/Zoology
(970) 491-4615

Jane Choi

Jane Choi, Associate Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-4298

Joshua Craver

Joshua Craver, Assistant Professor
Controlled Environmental Horticulture

University Services Center 420B
(970) 491-7683

Kelly Curl

Kelly Curl, Associate Professor

Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7283

Scott Curry

Scott Curry, Assistant Professor

Landscape Design and Contracting

University Services Center 421B
(970) 491-3880

Joe Eakes

Joe Eakes, Master Instructor

University Services Center 414A
(970) 491-4351

Samuel Essah

Samuel Essah, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Potato Production and Storage

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3494, ext. 13

Brad Goetz

Bradley Goetz, Professor
Landscape Architecture

(970) 491-7690

Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez

Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Assistant Professor

Produce Safety

E405 Anatomy/Zoology

Adam Heuberger

Adam Heuberger, Associate Professor
Crops for Health

E441 Anatomy/Zoology
(970) 491-7068

David Holm

David Holm, Professor

Potato Breeding and Physiology

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3496, ext. 14

Andrew Houser

Andrew Houser, Extension Specialist

Manager of the Potato Certification Service

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3496, ext. 20

Sastry Jayanty

Sastry Jayanty, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Postharvest Biology

San Luis Valley Research Center
(719) 754-3496, ext. 11

Zachary Johnson

Zachary Johnson, Professor

Landscape Business, Design and Contracting

University Services Center 421A
(970) 491-2835

Jim Klett

Jim Klett, Professor

Landscape Horticulture, Ornamentals and Nursery Management

University Services Center 414B
(970) 491-7179

Anthony Koski

Anthony Koski, Professor and Interim Department Head
Turfgrass Science

University Services Center 422A
(970) 491-7070

Ioannis Minas

Ioannis MinasAssociate Professor


E427 Anatomy/Zoology
(970) 491-7216

Shannon Mason

Shannon Mason, Instructor


University Service Center 410D

Jessica Prenni

Jessica Prenni, Professor

Agricultural Chemistry
Prenni Lab

E414 Anatomy/Zoology
(970) 491-3644

Yaling Qian

Yaling Qian, Professor

Turfgrass Physiology, Water Relations of Plants and Soils 

A/Z E421
(970) 491-7079 office | (970) 491-7022 lab

Davina Rhodes

Davina Rhodes, Assistant Professor

Nutritional Genomics

Mohamed Shahba

Mohamed Shahba
Environmental Stress Physiology

Horticulture Research Center 100
(970) 491-7087

Henry Thompson

Henry Thompson, Professor

Human Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Plant Sciences Room C035
(970) 491-7748

Mark Uchanski

Mark Uchanski, Associate Professor
Specialty Crops

University Services Center 419
(970) 491-4885

Jorge Vivanco

Jorge VivancoProfessor

Center for Root & Rhizosphere Biology

E420 Anatomy/Zoology
(970) 491-7170
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