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Graduate Studies Check Sheet – M.S. Plan B – Student

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Graduate Program – Key Steps to Graduation – M.S. Plan B Student


  • Visit the HLA graduate website. We encourage you to establish communications with potential faculty advisor(s) of your interested disciplines. Complete your graduate school application.

Year 1

  • Acceptance by major professor. Meet with your major advisor to plan your scholarly work project, decide on initial coursework, and discuss expectations. Encourage completion of an Individual Development Plan.
  • Select Graduate Committee members and schedule a first committee meeting by the end of the first year of graduate study. The purpose of this initial committee meeting is to:
    • Discuss and approve the coursework plan.
    • Present your topics for non-thesis scholarly work and get committee approval.
  • Following your first committee meeting you should complete and submit your GS6.

Year 2 – Graduation

  • Register for coursework, variable credits, or continuing registration each regular semester as proposed in your GS6. Must be either enrolled for at least one credit or register for CR during the semester you graduate, including summer semester.
  • Complete and submit a draft of a scholarly paper to major professor – at least one month before submitting it to the rest of the committee – for review and corrections prior to scheduling final exam.
  • The scholarly paper must be submitted to your Graduate Examining Committee at least two weeks prior to the defense.
  • Students should consult the graduate school academic calendar for appropriate deadlines during the semester of expected graduation.
  • Register for seminar, HORT792, present your non-thesis scholarly work, defend your scholarly paper – if possible, coordinate the defense with seminar presentation.


HLA Graduate Studies Manual
CSU Graduate School Policies and Procedures

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