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⚠️ Information and Updates Regarding COVID-19's Impact on the College of Agricultural Sciences

IPM Team

Outreach/Extension Entomologists

Don Bright — Beetle identification, C. J. Gillete Museum of Arthropod Diversity

Matt Camper — Insect identification

Whitney Cranshaw — Insect and mite pests of vegetables, trees, shrubs & ornamentals; insect identification

Frank Peairs — Insect and mite pests of field crops; on-line pesticide guide; listen to Dr. Peairs on YouTube

Research/Teaching Entomology Faculty

Lou Bjostad — Chemical ecology & insect behavior

Ruth Hufbauer — Ecology; listen to Dr. Hufbauer on YouTube

Andrew Norton — Insect ecology & biological control

Paul Ode — Behavior and ecology of parasitoid wasps

Outreach/Extension Plant Pathologists

Deborah Young — Integrated Pest Management in communities; listen to Dr. Young on  YouTube.

Research/Teaching Plant Pathology Faculty

Cris Argueso — Plant-pathogen-environment interactions; listen to Dr. Argueso on  YouTube.

Jan Leach — Mechanisms for plant disease resistance.

Weed Scientists

George Beck — Pasture, range and non-crop noxious weed ecology and management; public policy / legislation

Cynthia Brown — Invasive plants and ecosystems; listen to Dr. Brown on  YouTube.

Todd Gaines — Sustainable weed management; listen to Dr. Gaines on  YouTube. interview.

Scott Nissen — Weed management in vegetable and field crops; weed seedling identification; herbicide behavior in plants.

Philip Westra — Weed management in field crops; bioeconomic modeling of weeds; herbicide resistant weed management.

Pesticide Safety and Education

Thia Walker — Extension Specialist and program manager for the Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program.

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