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The mission of the CSU Landscape Architecture Program is to create, enhance, and sustain the built, natural and social environments.

Landscape Architecture is a licensed professional discipline concerned with landscape design, environmental design and environmental planning. Its practitioners work at all scales-from that of the home landscape to commercial and corporate sites, parks, greenways, communities, national parks and forests- to plan, design, specify and build landscapes. These changes may include ecological restoration of disturbed landscapes, human development and settlement of land, or further improvements and beautification of occupied land. The work of landscape architects is to organize and give character to the future managed or constructed landscape, bringing the same skills to the shaping and construction of landforms, plants, structures, and materials, and service to the client, as an architect brings to a building.

Colorado State University offers one dynamic programs in Landscape Architecture; the Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture program (BSLA).

Studying Landscape Architecture at Colorado State is an adventure. It’s more than just experiencing Colorado’s landscape, with its spectacular mountains, hiking, snowboarding and skiing. Taking part in this challenging course of study, you will prepare yourself for a career in a widely-respected profession that is licensed by all 50 states.

You have the opportunity to study design as accomplished landscape architects see it: designing spaces as well as planning and preserving them. Nature, culture, form, and space: these are the classic elements of landscape architecture with which you work in a series of design studios and related courses. Here, you focus on a variety of environmental design and planning projects that grow more complex as the curriculum proceeds.

Throughout the program, emphasis is on the relationship between design, nature, and society: the impact of environments on the individual as well as the impact of humans on the environment. It is important to note that registration laws for landscape architects in all 50 states specify graduation from schools, such as Colorado State University, that are accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board of the ASLA. Please click here for ASLA’s information about becoming a landscape architect.

…if you enjoy drawing or digital media and are interested in the environment and travel, consider studying landscape architecture!

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    Guarded by isolated landscapes and rough ocean waters, Argentina’s remote peatlands are among the world’s most effective and fragile carbon sinks. By Jimena Martignoni / Photography by Joel Reyero At the southern tip of South America, between the Strait of Magellan to the north and west and Beagle Channel to the south, the Tierra del […]
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    LAM Staff
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