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LAND120, History of the Designed Landscape

Prerequisite None
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Course Description
Major monuments and spaces from ancient Middle East through Classical Antiquity, the Renaissance, and Western Tradition.This course is an overview of the history of the designed landscape. The designed landscape refers to the discipline of Landscape Architecture and pertains to many aspects of the landscape architectural profession – public and private landscapes – those that have been designed and altered substantially, those of conservation, and those of preservation.Landscape Architecture is “the art-or science, if preferred-of arranging land, together with the spaces and objects upon it, for safe, efficient, healthful, pleasant human use.” The title Landscape Architect was first used by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux when they won the design competition for Central Park in New York City in 1858. “They professed themselves ‘landscape architects,’ inventing the name to convey their intent to bear toward the total landscape the same relation that an architect bears toward a building, with essential emphasis on design.”Newton, Norman T. Design on the Land
Semester Calendar:
 Week 1 T Course overview and administration
R Projects discussion
Prehistory to the Renaissance
 Week 2 T Landscape Drawings, Sculpted Earth, and Megaliths
R Pyramids, Temples, and Urban Centers
 Week 3 T Urban Compositions
R Imperial Estates, Villas, and Retreats
¬†Week 4 T Monastic Order & Urban Gathering Spaces¬†¬† &¬† The ‘Orders,’ Paradise Gardens, and Other Concepts
R Group meeting period. Designation of groups and topic for Landscape Reading
 Week 5 T Interim Quiz 1. (including Book Chapters 1 Р4)
Renaissance Landscape, Italy to the English Picturesque
R Italian Villas I
 Week 6 T Italian Villas II
R The Urban Landscape in Italy   &  Renaissance Details
 Week 7 T Predecessors to the Classic French Landscape
R Landscape Design of Andre Le Notre
 Week 8 T The Urban Landscape in France
R Group project meeting period
TR Spring Break Spring Break
 Week 9 T Interim Quiz 2. (including Book Chapters 5- 12)
R 17th Century Landscape in England
 Week 10 T Development of the English Garden
R The Urban Landscape in England
 Week 11 T Group project meeting period
 The Landscape of America, 18th C. to Today
R Thomas Jefferson to Frederick Law Olmsted
 Week 12 T Frederick Law Olmsted
R Parkways and Park Agencies
 Week 13 T Landscape Architectural Practitioners, Theorists, and Scholars I
R Artists in the Landscape
 Week 14 T Landscape Architectural Practitioners, Theorists, and Scholars II
R Interim Quiz 3. (including Book Chapters 13-15, 19, 20, 24, 26, 35-40)
 Week 15 T LANDSCAPE READING presentations. Ten minutes each
R LANDSCAPE READING presentations. Ten minutes each
 Finals Week M РF Quiz 4. See final exam schedule on CSU A-Z online

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