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Plant Choice Study

This is an anonymous survey for Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers who are professionals, teachers or students, current or retired, residing anywhere in the world. The purpose of this survey is to understand what information Landscape Architects and Designers use to make plant choices and the role of formal education and different knowledge bases in gaining applied plant knowledge.

This unfunded research is being conducted as part of a Masters research project at Colorado State University by Timothy Koski (CO-PI, Student and Zachary Johnson (PI, Advisor you may contact either of these individuals for further information or with any questions.

Your participation in this multiple-choice and Likert-type survey is voluntary and should take about 15 minutes to complete. There are no known risks or benefits associated with taking the survey, nor is there any compensation for your time and effort.

The link to this survey will be valid May 1st through June 30th 2018. The survey is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Japanese, Arabic and Persian.

CSU IRB#: 337-18H
Approval Date: April 12th 2018
If you have any questions about your rights as a volunteer in this research, contact the CSU IRB at: or +1-970-491-1553.

Researchers interested in the data from this survey for other research projects:

Potential researchers who are interested in utilizing the data from this survey may be granted limited access if the following criteria can be satisfactorily met. Contact the PI and CO-PI at the email addresses above for inquiry.

Researchers must present their credentials that qualify them as a researcher and:

  • Their research questions and how this data may be useful in answering those questions.
  • How exactly they plan to use this data.
  • Funding or supporting sources and any potential conflicts of interest for their work.
  • How they plan to secure this data.
  • Who will have access to this data.
  • How they will acknowledge the source of this data.
  • If this research is to be used for commercial purposes.
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