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Reggie Rivers

Reggie was born into an Air Force family, and during his youth he lived in Ohio, England, Florida and Greece before his family settled in the San Antonio area. He spent the remainder of his adolescence in Central Texas until moving to Denver in 1991, where he lives with his wife, Stephanie, and son, Malik.

As a senior at Randolph High School in San Antonio, Reggie rushed for¬†1,200 yard and earned a full athletic scholarship to Southwest Texas¬†State University (now renamed ‚ÄúTexas State University‚ÄĚ At the¬†collegiate level, he amassed 2,500 career yards and was named to¬†four All-American teams. He signed with the Denver Broncos as an¬†undrafted rookie free agent in 1991. Reggie played six seasons with¬†the Denver Broncos.

In 1991, Reggie graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a B.A. in Journalism. In 2007, Reggie graduated from the University of Denver with a Master’s Degree in Global Studies. Reggie landed his first newspaper job when he was a senior in high school (1985), working for the now- defunct San Antonio Light as an obituary writer. In 1986, he enrolled at Southwest Texas State University as a newspaper journalism major. During his college tenure, Reggie served internships with the Austin American- Statesman newspaper in Austin, Texas and Newsday on Long Island. 

After joining the Denver Broncos, Reggie wrote a weekly sports column for the Rocky Mountain News for eight years. During his NFL career, he also hosted various television and radio shows. After retiring from football, Reggie hosted radio talk shows on 850 KOA-AM and 630 KHOWAM radio. Reggie was a weekly op/ed columnist for the Denver Post and hosted a weekly public affairs show titled, Global Agenda, on the PBS station KBDI-Channel 12 in Denver. 

In 1994, Reggie published, The Vance: The Beginning & The End, the as told autobiography of Broncos wide receiver Vance Johnson.¬†In 2000, Reggie published, Power Shift, a novel about an escalating feud¬†between a newspaper columnist and an NFL receiver.¬†In 2004, Reggie published, 4th and Fixed, a novel about a crime family¬†fixing NFL games. This book was released by Sourcebooks in August¬†2004. The movie rights were optioned by Mission Pictures in 2005. In¬†2007, Reggie published a novel titled, My Wife‚Äôs Boyfriend and our Feud¬†with the Highlands Ranch Homeowners Association. It was a comedy¬†about a micromanaging HOA board.¬†In 2009, Reggie published, ‚ÄúThe Colony: A Political Tale,‚ÄĚ an allegory¬†about foreign policy told through two colonies of ants.


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