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Welcome and Closing

Welcome Reception

at the Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Club

Join us for a relaxing evening filled with delicious food and spectacular views! The Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Room offers the best views of the Colorado mountains and the Denver Skyline.  Our Broncos colored sunset will take your breath away!

Closing Reception

at the Punch Bowl Social

Join us for a closing reception at the Punch Bowl Social! We will finish the conference off with great food and fun! From beautiful lounge rooms to exciting vintage games, virtual reality, and bowling there will be fun for everyone! 



Sheamus Feeley grew up a farm kid in Arkansas where some of his earliest memories are of sitting on the porch, racing his cousins to see who could “top and tail” the green beans fastest. In case you’re wondering, he crushed ’em. Every. Time. 

He’s the third generation in a family of restaurateurs and got his start not cooking but taking on the glamorous role of cleaning his family’s restaurants and bars. Because he was paid the same rate regardless of how long it took, he learned about the importance of efficiency early on. 

Before he turned 20, Sheamus was part of the opening team for Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants, and later worked alongside Don Gragg of the famed Gramercy Tavern and Chez Panisse. With an obsession for farm-fresh ingredients and a natural inclination towards precision, he earned the role of executive chef for Hillstone Restaurant Group, later rising to Vice President of Culinary and remaining at the respected restaurant group for more than a decade. He also opened Farmstead Restaurant in Napa Valley. At his most recent role at BJ’s Restaurants, Inc., he led culinary and kitchen innovation in 200 locations over 19 states. So, yeah, we think he’s kind of a big deal. 

Farm boy no more, Sheamus has made a name for himself as a respected chef, culinary expert and hospitality pro. You may know him from features on Top Chef, The Discovery Channel, and Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” He also participates on the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour. And he’s totally cool when you ask him to pose with you in a selfie (because we totally have).

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