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COVID-19 Resources

Important Information for AG BIO

*Updated 3/25/2020


Central Receiving will continue to deliver mail to our mailroom (C126, Plant Sciences) as they now have a key to our building. They will deliver only 2-3 times per week instead of every day, but more often if they have perishable packages. I will email those with packages as promptly as I can after they arrive. Please pick-up/ or arrange for someone from your lab to pick-up at your earliest convenience.

All outgoing mail and packages need to be dropped off at Central Recieving (201 Lake Street). They have a tent set up outside for easy drop-offs.


Usually we have a dropbox that sits on the desk in the main office with any and all forms that need to go to the ABC Office. We are suspending this service as there will be no couriers taking mail/documents/etc. between our building and theirs.

If you have reimbursement forms or other forms that need to go to the ABC office, please note that they are accepting most everything by email. If you do not know who to send it to, please email it to Alicia and she can forward it to the correct party. If your form needs Amy’s signature approval, please email to Alicia and she will route further.

*The only exception to emailing forms is direct reimbursements to personal credit cards. For these transactions, they need the physical receipts turned in. A good way to get this to them is print off the reimbursement form, attach original receipts, put in an envelope, address to “ABC Office, 1101 Campus Delivery” and drop off at Central Receiving.



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