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Arthropods of Colorado

Information on many arthropods of importance or interest in Colorado has been developed by the Colorado State Extension Entomology program. Many of these are treated in Extension Fact Sheets that can be accessed at the CSU Extension Insect Publications. Those listed below are indicated by their publication number. The currently available sheets are listed below, organized by taxa. Additional sheets will be developed in the future.

  • Fact sheets on exotic insects, not currently found in Colorado, are listed preceded by +
  • The remaining publications are a new series, Colorado Arthropods of Interest, and are indicated by

Arachnida (Arachnids)

Solifugae (Windscorpions/Sunspiders)

Scorpiones (Scorpions)

Opiliones (Daddylonglegs, Harvestmen)

Pseudoscorpiones (Pseudoscorpions)

Crustacea (Crustaceans)

Diplopoda (Millipedes)

Hexapoda (Non-entognathous hexapods)

Collembola (Springtails)

Diplura (Diplurans)

Protura (Proturans)

Hexapoda (Insects)

Blattodea (Cockroaches and Termites)

Coleoptera (Beetles)

5.549 Dermestid Beetles

Spider Beetles

Giant Water Scavenger Beetle

Sidewalk Tiger Beetle

5.570 Western Corn Rootworm

Checkered Melon Beetle

5.521 Elm Leaf Beetles

Knab’s Willow Leaf Beetle/Cottonwood Leaf Beetle

Rubber Rabbitbrush Beetle

Golden Tortoise Beetle

       – Argus Tortoise Beetle

5.592 Flea Beetles

Apple Flea Beetle

Sumac Flea Beetle

Eyed Elators

5.620 Recognizing Wood Boring Insects of Ash Trees in Colorado

Milkweed Longhorns

        – Gambel oak borer

        – 5.526 Insecticides Used to Control Emerald Ash Borer on Residential Shade Trees

+ Asian Longhorned Beetle

Pine Sawyers

Ponderous Borer

Prionus Longhorns

Arhopalus asperatus-A Common Longhorned Beetle

Locust Borer

Blackhorned Pine Borer

Pole Borer

Cherry Curculio

Hollyhock Weevil

European Elm Flea Weevil

5.528 Mountain Pine Beetle

Spruce Beetle: An Agent of Subalpine Change (CSFS Quick Guide)

5.558 Ips Beetles

Fir Engraver Beetle (CSFS Quick Guide)

5.500 Alfalfa Weevil

Sunflower Headclipping Weevil

5.585 Sunflower Stem Weevil Management

5.551 Root Weevils

5.606 White Pine Weevil

5.516 White Grubs and Billbugs

5.601 Japanese Beetle

Tenlined June Beetle

Bumble Flower Beetle

Southwestern Stag Beetle

Clerid Beetles

5.594 Lady Beetles

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

5.524 Blister Beetles in Forage Crops

Black Blister Beetle

       – Clematis Blister Beetle

Soldier Beetles

Burying Beetles

Dermaptera (Earwigs)

Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)

Megaloptera (Dobsonflies and Fishflies)

Microcoryphia (Jumping Bristletails)

Neuroptera (Lacewings, Antlions, and Allies)

Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies)


Phthiraptera (Lice)

Plecoptera (Stoneflies)

Psocoptera (Booklice and Barklice)


Thysanoptera (Thrips)

Siphonaptera (Fleas)

Strepsiptera (Twisted-wing Parasites)

Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

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