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Jane Stewart

Plant Pathology

Assistant Professor

Office: C147 Plant Sciences
Office Phone: 970.491.8770
Lab: E214 Plant Sciences
Lab Phone: 970.491.0256
Website: Stewart Lab

Research Interests

My research interests include: understanding the biology, ecology and genetics of emerging tree/plant pathogenic fungi using population genetics and genomic methods, studying the interactions of plant and fungi that govern variation in host specialization, pathogenicity, and virulence, and understanding genomic drivers of fungal species delimitation and divergence with a focus on pathogens important to Colorado’s forests, shade and fruit trees, and forests worldwide.

Graduate Students Advised

  • Jessa Ata – PhD in Plant Pathology
  • John Dobbs – MS in Plant Pathology
  • Bradley Lalande – PhD in Plant Pathology
  • K.A. Leddy – MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Stephan Miller – PhD in Plant Pathology

Courses I Teach

Integrated Tree Health Management

Insects and diseases in forest and urban ecosystems. Effects, diagnosis, prevention, and interactions.


Forest Health Issues

Current topics related to forest and shade tree health from ecosystems to tree defense physiology.

Biology of Fungal Pathogens


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