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Undergraduate Major

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Undergraduate Minors

Minors are offered in entomology and plant health. Students are provided with maximum breadth and depth while utilizing a limited number of requirements. The minors also serve to broaden the academic background of students seeking employment in the interdisciplinary job markets associated with most plant science majors. The minors provide adequate credits to meet most federal and state certification requirements for employment. Please contact Dr. Boris Kondratieff or Dr. Punya Nachappa for information on the entomology minor. Contact the Main Office for information on the plant health minor.


BSURE Program

Program Description

The Biological Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (BSURE) was developed to enrich undergraduate experiential learning at Colorado State University. The program is designed for students interested in eventually pursuing a graduate degree or a career in research. The core elements of BSURE include independent laboratory research experience complemented by formal mentoring and peer interactions. Participating scholars will meet biweekly to discuss their research and exchange various lab experiences. These peer meetings provide a forum for scholars to develop presentation skills, to discuss techniques, lab culture and related experiences, as well as to receive constructive feedback from their mentors and peers.

The BSURE program is intended to provide student scholars with an increased understanding of biology as well as an opportunity to learn experimental design and specific research techniques, participate in laboratory meetings and other scientific discussions, and gain a practical understanding of scientific research. With these new skills and experiences, our summer scholars will be better prepared for their undergraduate and future career paths.


Laboratory Research

Student scholars learn experimental techniques and design while working in participating CSU research laboratories. Prior to entering the program, student scholars identify a faculty sponsor who serves as a mentor and supports the scholar\'s research experience. Scholars are expected to participate in at least forty hours of research-related activities per week. In the laboratory, scholars work closely with the faculty mentor or the other lab member on a project related to fundamental questions in biology. Depending on specific research interests of their faculty sponsor, scholars may learn both laboratory and field techniques. Scholars also attend laboratory meetings, read relevant scientific literature and participate in the biweekly BSURE peer conferences. The program culminates with the Summer Scholar Symposium, where participants present their work to their peers, mentors and other CSU faculty.


Application to BSURE

Interested students should contact Dr. John McKay for additional information.

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