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Outreach Program – Animal Behavior & Welfare



Livestock Behavior & Welfare

Dr. Grandin has an extensive travel schedule and has given many lectures on animal welfare and livestock handling in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and many other countries. Many of these talks have been at major universities and colleges. She is also on the animal welfare committees of many companies such as McDonalds and Tyson. Another major outreach activity is an instructor for PAACO (Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization) courses on animal welfare auditing at beef and pork slaughter plants. On the international level, she was on the committee that developed the OIE guidelines on animal welfare at slaughter. Major publications for outreach were the animal welfare auditing guidelines for the AMI, now North American Meat Institute. Her two books Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human were both New York Times bestsellers list. She has three livestock subject books including Livestock Handling and Transport, 4th Edition, Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, 2nd Edition, and Improving Animal Welfare: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition.

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