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Assistantships/Funding Opportunities

The department offers two to four teaching assistantships every year and about ten research assistantships. These RA’s and TA’s are highly competitive. These assistantships carry a waiver for the cost of tuition. If you are from out of state, the department may cover the out of state portion your first year, during which time you may gain residency if you wish to avoid tuition costs in the future. You are responsible for student fees each semester.

The research assistantships are flexible. You will be assigned to a supervisor who will work with you to determine your program. In almost all cases, students can find a common interest with their advisor that satisfies the requirements of the work your advisor needs you to do and what you want to do for your thesis or dissertation. There are also several faculty members with grants. Research assistantships for these typically pay the same. Grant projects also provide many opportunities for summer work and extra income during the semesters. Students may help with surveys, literature reviews, conferences or analysis, writing and presentation of research.

Additional funding information can be found at the Graduate School website.


Graduate Coordinators

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Jordan Suter

Agricultural Education
Kellie Enns

Program Coordinator

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Kathy Bruce

Other Funding


Applicants to the graduate program will be considered for two awards that celebrate two primary areas of excellence within the Department. These awards are given in addition to any assistantship funding that is offered. We encourage prospective students to describe their qualifications for one of these awards in question number four of their application statement of purpose.

Lee Gray Scholarship

This award is given to a student that is committed to research and teaching in the field of agricultural economics. Lee Gray was a faculty member and former Chair in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at CSU. He was particularly known for his excellence in teaching and his love for working with and advising students in agricultural economics.

Robert Young Scholarship

This award is given to a student that has a demonstrated interest in research related to environmental and natural resource economics, particularly pertaining to water resource economics. Robert Young was an emeritus faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at CSU whose impactful research focused on the economics of water management and policy in the Western US and globally.

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