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Research Publications

DARE faculty and graduate students publish in a variety of peer-reviewed journals in the economics, management, food science, agriculture, natural resources, and environmental disciplines. Due to copyright restrictions, please see the publisher of each journal for access. In some cases, authors may have prepared fact sheets or presentations suitable for outreach audiences available upon request, or on our extension publications and presentations pages.

Please contact authors for additional information.

*Indicates a current or former graduate student.

Bayham, Jude, Erin J. Belval, Matthew P. Thompson, Christopher Dunn, Crystal S. Stonesifer, and David E. Calkin. (2020). Weather, Risk, and Resource Orders on Large Wildland Fires in the Western US. Forests. Online. 17 pages.

Bayham, Jude, Eli P. Fenichel. (2020). Impact of school closures for COVID-19 on the US health-care workforce and net mortality: a modelling study. The Lancet Public Health. Volume 5, Issue 4. Online.

Brown, Jason P., Peter Maniloff, and Dale T. Manning. (2020). Spatially variable taxation and resource extraction: The impact of state oil taxes on drilling in the US. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Volume 103, Article 102354. 20 pages. Online.

Chriestenson, Chad* and Dawn Thilmany. (20202). Do factors contributing to appearance and success of conservation referenda in the West differ from those found in other regions of the United States? The Annals of Regional Science. 22 pages.

Countryman, Amanda, Ming Wang and Farzad Taheripour. (2020).  Economic Effects of U.S. Trade Tensions in the Face of Domestic Agricultural Support.  Global Trade Analysis Project. GTAP Resource 6043.

Eldali, Fathalla A., Prasanna Vadana, Jesse Burkhardt, and Siddharth Suryanarayanan. (2020).  A Data Decomposition Approach to Design a Dynamic Pricing Mechanism for Residence-based Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Wind Energy-rich Grids. eTransportation. Online.

Gannon, Benjamin M., Matthew P. Thompson, Kira Z. Deming, Jude Bayham, Yu Wei, and Christopher D. O’Connor. (2020). A Geospatial Framework to Assess Fireline Effectiveness for Large Wildfires in the Western USA. Fire. Volume 3, Issue 3. Online.

Jablonski, Becca B.R., Allison Bauman*, and Dawn Thilmany. (2020.) Local Food Market Orientation and Labor Intensity.  Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy. 19 pages. Online

Janusch, Nicholas*, Stephan Kroll, Christopher Goemans, Todd L. Cherry, and Steffen Kallbekken. (2020). Learning to accept welfare-enhancing policies: an experimental investigation of congestion pricing. Experimental Economics. Online. 28 pages.

Love, Erin*, Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Becca B.R. Jablonski, and Laura Bellows. (2020).  A Baseline Assessment of School Food Spending and Local Procurement: Exploring the Case of CO HB19-1132 and Other Public Policies. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, July 26-28, 2020.  56 pages.

Low, Sarah A., Martha Bass, Dawn Thilmany and Marcelo Castillo. (2020). Local Foods Go Downstream: Exploring the Spatial Factors Driving U.S. Food Manufacturing. Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy. 20 pages. Online.

Manning, Dale T., Mani Rouhi Rad, Jordan Suter, Christopher Goemans, Zaichen Xiang, and Ryan Bailey. (2020).  Non-market valuation in integrated assessment modeling: The benefits of water right retirement. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Volume 103, Article 102341. 23 pages Online.

Niemiec, Rebecca, Richard E.W. Berl, Mireille Gonzalez, Tara Teel, Cassiopeia Camara, Matthew Collins, Jonathan Salerno, Dana Hoag. (2020). Public perspectives and media reporting of wolf reintroduction in Colorado.  Biodiversity and Conservation. Online.  20 pages.

Norris, Caroline*, Joshua Berning, and Rebecca Cleary. (2020).  Food Insecurity among Immigrant Populations in the United States. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, July 26-28, 2020.  102 pages.

O’Hara, Jeffrey K., Marcelo Castillo, Dawn Thilmany McFadden. (2020.) Do Cottage Food Laws Reduce Barriers to Entry for Food Manufacturers? Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy. 17 pages. Online.

Outlaw, Joe L. and Dana L.K. Hoag. (2020).  Federal Policies and the West. Western Economics Forum, Western Economics Annual Meeting June 28-30, 2020, Santa Fe, NM.  Volume 18, Issue 1. 2 Pages.

Rouhi Rad, Mani, Jordan F. Suter, Dale T. Manning, and Christopher Goemans. (2020). Subsidies vs. Subsidies in the Conservation of Common Property Resources. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, July 26-28, 2020.  31 pages.

Schmit, Todd M., Becca B.R. Jablonski, Jennifer Minner, David Kay, and Libby Christensen. (2020). Rural wealth creation of intellectual capital from urban local food system initiatives: Developing indicators to assess change, Chapter 2.  In Local Food Systems and Community Economic Development.  Eds. R. David Lamie, Steven C. Deller. Routledge, New York, New York.  Pages 639-656.

Schmit, Todd M., Becca B.R. Jablonski, Alessandro Bonanno, and Thomas G. Johnson, (2020). Measuring Stocks of Community Wealth and Its Association with Food Systems Efforts in Rural and Urban Places.  Working Paper WP-2020-05, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University.  33 pages.

Sloggy, Matthew R., David M. Kling, and Andrew J. Plantinga. (2020). Measure twice, cut once: Optimal inventory and harvest under volume uncertainty and stochastic price dynamics. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Volume 103, Article 102357. 15 Pages. Online.

Thompson, Matthew P., Jude Bayham, and Erin Belval. (2020).  Potential COVID-19 Outbreak in Fire Camp: Modeling Scenarios and Interventions. Fire. 13 pages.

Ufer, Danielle*, Amanda M. Countryman, and Andrew Muhammad. (2020). How important are product attributes for U.S. lamb imports? International Food and Agribusiness Review. 14 pages. Online.

Van Sandt, Anders*, Dawn Thilmany, and Rebecca Hill. (2020).  Targeting agritourism to leverage the unique natural resources base and heritage of the rural west. Chapter 1.  In: Agritourism, Wine Tourism, and Craft Beer Tourism. Eds. Maria Giulia Pezzi, Alessandra Faggian, and Neil Reid.  Routledge, New York New York.

Bauman, Allison*, Colette DePhelps, and Dawn Thilmany McFadden. (2019). Assessing a Local Food System: The Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition Assessment Process. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.  Volume 8, Number C, Pages 107-118.

Beck-Johnson, Lindsay M., Clayton Hallman, Ryan S. Miller, Katie Portacci, Erin E. Gorsich, Daniel A. Grear, Katherine Hartmann, and Colleen T. Webb. (2019). Estimating and exploring the proportions of inter- and intrastate cattle shipments in the United States. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. Volume 162, 1 January 2019, Pages 56-66.

Berman, Jesse D., Jesse Burkhardt, Jude Bayham, Ellison Carter and Ander Wilson. (2019). Acute Air Pollution Exposure and the Risk of Violent Behavior in the United States.  Epidemiology. Volume 30, Issue 6. Pages 799-806.

Berman, Jesse D., Jesse Burkhardt, Jude Bayham, Ellison Carter and Ander Wilson. (2019). Acute Air Pollution Exposure and the Risk of Violent Behavior in the United States.  Epidemiology. Volume 30, Issue 6. Pages 799-806.

Bollinger, Bryan, Jesse Burkhardt, and Kenneth Gillingham. (2019). Peer Effects in Residential Water Conservation: Evidence from Moves. Working Paper.

Bonanno, Alessandro, Francesco Bimbo, Marco Costanigro, Alfons Oude Lansink, and Rosaria Viscecchia. (2019). Credence Attributes and the Quest for a Higher Price‚ÄĒA Hedonic Stochastic Frontier Approach. European Review of Agricultural Economics. Volume 48, Issue 2, Pages 163-192.

Burkhardt, Jesse. (2019). The Impact of the Renewable Fuel Standard on US Oil Refineries. Energy Policy. Volume 130, July 2019, Pages 429-437.

Burkhardt, Jesse, Jude Bayham, Ander Wilson, Ellison Carter, Jesse D. Berman, Katelyn O’Dell, Bonne Ford, Emily V. Fischer, and Jeffrey R. Pierce.  (2019). The Effect of Pollution on Crime:  Evidence from Data on Particulate Matter and Ozone. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.  Online. 50 pages.

Burkhardt, Jesse and Chris Goemans.  (2019). The Short-Run Effects of Marijuana Dispensary Openings on Local Crime.  The Annals of Regional Science.  Volume 62, Issue 3, 27 Pages.

Christensen, Libby, Becca B. R. Jablonski, Lacy Stephens, and Anupama Joshi. (2019). Evaluating the Economic Impacts of Farm-To-School Procurement. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD).  Volume 6, Number C.

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Flyr, Matthew*, Jesse Burkhardt, Christopher Goemans, Liesel Hans, Abbye Neel, and Alexander Maas*. (2019). Modeling Commercial Demand for Water: Exploring Alternative Prices, Instrumental Variables, and Heterogeneity. Land Economics. Volume 95, Number 2.

Haefele, Michelle A., John B. Loomis, Aaron M.Lien, James A. Dubovsky, Robert W. Merideth, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Ta-Ken Huang, Brady J. Mattsson, Darius J. Semmens, Wayne E. Thogmarting, Ruscena Wiederholth, Jay E. Diffendorfer, and Laura López-Hoffman. (2019). Multi-Country Willingness to Pay for Transborder Migratory Species Conservation: A Case Study of Northern Pintails.  Ecological Economics. Volume 157, March 2019, Pages 321-331.

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Hou, Lingling*, Catherine Keske*, Dana Hoag, Tomas Balezentis, Xiaobing Wang. (2019). Abatement Costs of Emissions from Burning Maize Straw in Major Maize Regions of China: Balancing Food Security with the Environment. Journal of Cleaner Production.  Volume 208, January 2019, Pages 178-187.

Huber, Christopher*, James R. Meldrum*, Rudy M Schuster, Zachary H. Ancona, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Scott M. Beck, Daren M. Carlisle, Peter R. Claggett, Fabiano Franco, Heather S. Galbraith, Michelle Haefele, Kristin R. Hoelting, Dianna M. Hogan, Kristina G. Hopkins, Tim Kern, Collin B. Lawrence, Stacy Lischka, John B. Loomis, Julie M. Mueller*, Gregory B. Noe, Emily J. Pindilli, Brian Quay*, Darius J. Semmens, Wilson Sinclair*, Daniel E. Spooner, Brian Voight, and Barabara St. John White. (2019). Sustaining Environmental Capital Initiative Summary Report. U.S. Department of the interior, U.S. Geological Society. Open File Report 2019-1117, 32 pages.

Jablonski, Becca B.R., Michael Carolan, James Hale, Dawn Thilmany McFadden,Erin Love*, Libby Christensen, Tabitha Covey, Laura Bellow, Rebecca Cleary, Olaf David,Kevin E. Jablonski, Andrew S. Jones, Paul Meiman, Jason Quinn, Elizabeth P. Ryan, Meagan Schipanski, Hailey Summers and Mark Uchanski. (2019). Connecting Urban Food Plans to the Countryside: Leveraging Denver’s Food Vision to Explore Meaningful Rural‚ÄďUrban Linkages. Sustainability, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2022. 18 Pages.

Jablonski, Becca B.R., and Dawn Thilmany McFadden. (2019). What is a ‚ÄėMultiplier‚Äô Anyway? Assessing the Economics of Local Food Systems Toolkiit. ¬†Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Volume 8, Number C.

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