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13th Biennial Horticulture Short Course

13th Biennial Horticulture Short Course

Thursday, July 15, 2021 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM |

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Join us for a virtual presentation broadcast live from CSU Trial Gardens in Fort Collins, CO. View the flyer to find out more information.

Course Schedule

9:00 AM – Diagnosing Lawn Problems/Turf Management

Tony Koski, CSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture – Dept. of Ag. Credit (Category 206)       

Determining the causes of brown spots in lawns can be tricky, but it’s essential to diagnose the cause before proposing a cure or solution – especially if that might involve a pesticide application. Common causes of brown spots and other lawn problems will be discussed, along with pointers on how to diagnose the causes of common lawn problems.

9:30 AM – Turf & Weed ID

Tony Koski, CSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture – Dept. of Ag. Credit (Category 206)       

Correct identification of turf and weed species is essential for developing a management strategy for weed and other lawn pest problems. Accurate identification is important for selecting the appropriate pesticide for controlling a lawn pest problem, and to ensure that the pesticide won’t harm the lawn in which the pest is a problem. Books, online keys, and phone apps that make identification easier will be demonstrated

10:00 AM – Japanese Beetles

Whitney Cranshaw, CSU Department of Agricultural Biology – Dept. of Ag. Credit (Category 207), ISA Credit   

Over the past decade, the Japanese beetle has exploded in many communities in eastern Colorado and is steadily increasing as a garden insect from Pueblo to Fort Collins. It is also an unusually difficult insect to understand and manage as it feeds on plants in very different ways when it is an adult and when it is a developing ‘white grub. The discussion will introduce gardeners to the basics of the Japanese beetle situation in Colorado and to provide ideas on how to best manage it.

10:30 AM – Weeds, Trees, Herbicides, Mulch and When They Meet in Landscapes

Eric Hammond, Horticulture Agent, CSU Extension – Adams County – Dept. of Ag. Credit (Category 207), ISA Credit   

Herbicide damage to landscape trees is increasingly common. This session will cover some of the pitfalls of using herbicides around trees as well as how they can safely be used and alternative weed control methods.

11:00 AM – How New Annuals Get Introduced to the Public

Jim Klett, CSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, and Susan Stauber, Ball Horticulture

Ever wonder how all the new annuals get bred, tested, and finally introduced to the public? Learn how vigorous and lengthy the process is to be sure they will perform in your garden. Also, learn about testing procedures for All American Selection winners.

11:30 AM – Selections from Plant Select and Other Water Thrifty Perennials

Deryn Davidson, Horticulture Agent, CSU Extension – Boulder County; Amy Lentz, Horticulture/Agriculture Agent, CSU Extension – Weld County; Mike Bone, Associate Director of Horticulture, Denver Botanic Gardens

Plant Select® is a nonprofit collaboration of Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens and professional horticulturists. Plant Select’s goal is to create smart plant choices for a new American Landscape inspired by the Rocky Mountain Region. In this session you will get to see some of the program’s longstanding favorites, along with newly released varieties that are available in nurseries now. These plants are big on beauty and low on water use; perfect for your Colorado landscape.

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