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Jennifer Bousselot, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer BousselotUrban Horticulture and Green Roof Culture

Adviser for Online Students



Courses taught:

HORT 454 – Hort Crop Production

HORT 511 – Urban Horticulture

HORT 515 – Green Roof Culture

Research Interests:

Jen teaches online courses in Horticultural Science, Native Plants in the Landscape, Horticulture Production and Management, Urban Horticulture and Green Roof Culture. Her research interest are primarily in the area of green roofs, especially plant species, substrates, interactions with pollinators and moisture deficit conditions. Jen also does research on native plants for use in the green industry and local foods.

Recent Publications

-Carter, J.L., Carter, M.A., Stevens, D. and Bousselot, J.M. 2018. Common Southwestern Native Plants. 3rd edition. Colorado Native Plant Society.
-Bousselot, J.M., Slabe, T., Klett, J.E., and Koski, R.D. 2017. Photovoltaic array influences the growth of green roof plants. Journal of Living Architecture: 4(3): 9-18.
-Bousselot, J.M., Muenchrath, D., Knapp, A.D. and Reeder, J.D., 2017. Emergence and Seedling Characteristics of Maize Native to the Southwestern US. American Journal of Plant Sciences: 8(06).
-Schneider, A., Fusco, M., and Bousselot, J.M. 2014. Observations on the survival of 112 plant taxa on a green roof in a semi-arid climate. Journal of Living Architecture: 1(5).


Curriculum Vitae

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