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Daniel Burcham, Assistant Professor

Daniel Burcham, Assistant Professor


University Services Center, Room 420A


Classes Taught:

HORT 464A – Arboriculture

HORT 466 – Urban and Community Forestry (Fall even years)


Dr. Daniel Burcham is an assistant professor of arboriculture and urban forestry at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. In his research, he studies the response and durability of urban trees experiencing environmental loads, especially the wind, and he investigates changes in tree growth and stability associated with various arboricultural practices, such as pruning. He earned a PhD in Environmental Conservation, with an emphasis in forest resources and arboriculture, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and he earlier obtained a BS in landscape horticulture and MS in public horticulture from the Ohio State University and University of Delaware, respectively. For nearly 10 years, he managed an arboriculture research program at the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology, National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore, where he contributed to advancements in the science and practice of tropical arboriculture. Today, he maintains a strong desire to work with practitioners and policymakers to tangibly improve the management of community forests for the health and safety of nearby human populations. A certified arborist, he enjoys visiting and climbing large trees with other arborists in his free time.

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