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Mohamed Shahba

Dr. Mohamed Shahba

Assistant Professor

Horticulture Research Center, Room 100

970-491-7087 office


Research Interests:

My research interests include the environmental stresses of plants, the efficient use, and the best management options of resources in landscape and turfgrass systems.

The principal focus of my research is the environmental stresses of plants. My research interests focus on developing more stress tolerant plants for regional use, improving seed germination and establishment under saline conditions. My research interests include basic ecological processes in urban landscapes with a focus on the biology, physiology and ecology of these systems. Internationally, I was involved in several research activities and sponsored projects including the conservation and the ecophysiology of Black Calla Lily in Mediterranean Coast and marginal water desalination and management using innovative ecosustainable approach for urban development and deteriorated habitats reclamation in Egypt.


Courses Taught:

HORT 480A – Plant Growth Regulators

HORT 580A – Advanced Plant Growth Regulators


Recent Publications

  • 2014. Shahba, M. A., and M.S. Abbas. Drought Resistance Strategies of Seashore Paspalum Cultivars at Different Mowing Heights. HortScience, 49(2):221–229.
  • Shahba, M. A., and M.S. Abbas, M.H. El-Morsy and F.I. Moursy. Ecological and chemical studies on Wadi El-Ramla range plants in the North Western coast of Egypt. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., 8(3):105-123.
  • Shahba, M.A. Seed germination, drought and salinity tolerance of the endangered Black Calla Lily (Arum palaestinum Boiss) endemic in Mediterranean coast. 2019 ASHS Annual Conference – Las Vegas, NV, July 21-25.
  • 2019. Getlawi, A., Shahba, M.A. and Hughes, H.G. Comparative responses of Glaucium spp. to salinity stress. Horticulture international journal.
  • 2019. Getlawi, A., Shahba, M.A. and Hughes, H.G. Screening Glaucium spp. for drought resistance with emphasis on the contributing physiological characters and overall performance. Horticulture international journal.

Curriculum Vitae

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