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Awards & Honors

2020 College of Agricultural Sciences

photo of Suellen Melzer

Suellen Melzer – Shepardson Faculty Teaching Award

This award is given to a faculty member with less than 10 years teaching experience at CSU, who has demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching of agriculture-related courses at CSU within the past academic year.

photo of Tori Anderson.

Tori Anderson – Come to the Table Inclusive Excellence Award

This award is given to a faculty member or staff who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and/or contributions to improving the inclusiveness and diversity of the College of Agricultural Sciences and its mission through their inclusive programming and/or leadership and demonstration of CSU’s Principles of Community.


photo of Meagan Schipanski

Meagan Schipanski named Monfort Professor

Meagan Schipanski, associate professor of soil and crop sciences at Colorado State University, has established an international reputation as an outstanding scientist, working to improve understanding of basic plant-soil interactions and the resilience and sustainability of agroecosystems. Still in the early stages of her career at Colorado State University, she has initiated and led major multi-investigator/multi-institutional research projects, securing over $18 million in grant funding over the past six years, and has influenced her field with 40 publications, including highly cited papers, and several high-profile addresses at international conferences.

“As a land-grant University, CSU’s mission is to create outstanding research and education and extension/outreach/service. Dr. Schipanski has excelled at all three,” despite not having a formal Extension appointment, wrote University Distinguish Professor Keith Paustian in nominating Schipanski for the Monfort Professorship.

Schipanski’s department head, Matthew Wallenstein, called her a “superstar” who deserves recognition for “her leadership in interdisciplinary team science,” and for demonstrating “research excellence without sacrificing excellence in teaching and engagement missions.”

As a Monfort Professor, Schipanski will research interactions between water, carbon and nitrogen cycling mediated by plant roots and microorganisms in the soil, in collaboration with experts in analytical chemistry and the soil microbiome. The Monfort grant will allow her to pursue research efforts on a larger scale to evaluate these relationships across varied systems and climates.

Made possible through the Monfort Family Foundation, Monfort Professorships are two-year awards that help CSU attract and retain talented young faculty.

Fracnesca Cotrufo portrait

Francesa Cotrufo Receives the Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence: 14’er Award

This award recognizes exceptional innovative achievements demonstrating unique vision, creativity and grit.

photo of Raj Khosla

Raj Khosla Receives the Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes meritorious and outstanding achievement over a five-year period by full-time members of the academic faculty and administrative professional staff.

photo of Suellen Melzer

Suellen Melzer Receives the Provost’s Awards for Faculty Excellence: Provost Teaching Scholar

This award is for especially notable teaching and learning impact by an early career professor represented by innovative teaching, course design, curriculum or other accomplishments that enhance student success.

photo of Josue Rodriguez Ramos

Josué Rodríguez-Ramos Receives the Advancing Education Scholarship: Honoring the Legacy and Memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship is presented each year to a CSU graduate student who demonstrates service to and advancement of underrepresented student education and personal academic excellence.

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