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Emeritus Faculty

Photo of Matt Wallenstein.

Matt Wallenstein

Soil Science – Department Head and Professor
C125 Plant Science Building
Office: (970) 491-6501
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photo of Jerry Johnson

Jerry J. Johnson

Soil Science – Extension Specialist for Crop Production
C012 Plant Science Building
Office: (970) 491-1454
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Photo of Gary Peterson

Gary Peterson

Soil Science – Cropping Systems
C102 Plant Science Building
Office: (970) 491-5555
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Portrait of Ken Barbarick

Ken Barbarick

Soil Science – Sewage Biosolids
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Portrait of Mark Brick

Mark Brick

Plant Breeding and Genetics
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photo of Richard Tinsley

Richard Tinsley

Professor Emeritus
C134 Plant Science Building
Office: (970) 491-6970
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Photo of Dwayne Westfall

Dwayne Westfall

Soil Fertility / Cropping Systems
C133 Plant Science Building
Office: (970) 491-6149
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Photo of smith

Dan Smith

Professor Emeritus
Water Resources Planning and Management

plant sprouting in soil

Burns Sabey

Professor Emeritus
Soil Science
3505 Candian Parkway
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Home: (970) 484-3512

photo of Lee Sommers

Lee Sommers

Professor Emeritus
C102 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-1421
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Photo of Calvin Pearson

Calvin Pearson

Professor Emeritus

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photo John Reuss

John Reuss

Professor Emeritus

Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility

Portrait of Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne

Professor Emeritus

Plant Breeding/Genetics – Molecular-Quantitative Genetics

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photo of Scott Haley

Haley, Scott D.

Plant Breeding/Genetics – Wheat

C136 Plant Sciences Building
(970) 491-6483

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