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Addy Elliott

photo of Addy Elliott

Assistant Dean of Advising and Student Success

Master Instructor

C110 Plant Sciences







Adriane ‘Addy’ Elliott completed her Master of Science degree in the CSU Soil and Crop Sciences Dept. after studying the environmental impacts (phosphorus runoff potential) of applying different types of dairy-based compost on agricultural fields.  She grew up in Houston, TX and has lived in Fort Collins since 1998.  Addy is interested in organic agriculture and its continued growth in the market, organic soil fertility, composting and agriculture as a venue for education and community engagement.  She is currently working on the CSU Todos Santos agricultural project.

Research Interests

Soil fertility in organic farming systems

Extension and Outreach

Compost and Organic Agriculture


HORT/SOCR 171    Environmental Issues in Agriculture

SOCR 343                Composting Principles and Practices

HORT/SOCR 345   Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields

HORT/SOCR 424   Topics in Organic Agriculture

AGRI 510/AGRI 582A  Sustainable Agriculture/Field Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture


Curriculum Vitae

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