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Jay Ham

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Environmental Physics and Micrometeorology



970-491-4112 office




Research Interests:

Environmental physics and micrometeorology
Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications in agriculture and environmental science.
Instrumentation and sensor development
Evapotranspiration and irrigation management
Air emissions from oil & gas operations
Ammonia emissions from livestock operations
Agricultural Climatology


SOCR 322 Principles of Micrometeorology
SOCR 500 Environmental Instrumentation Lab
SOCR 581A3 Internet of Things Sensors Lab
SOCR 522  Micrometeorology
SOCR 580 Environmental Instrumentation Lab
SOCR 680A3 Research Proposal Development

Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications:

Miner, G.L, J.M. Ham, and G.J. Kluitenberg. 2017 A heat-pulse method for measuring sap flow in corn and sunflower using 3D-printed sensor bodies and low-cost electronics. Agric. Forest Meteorol. 246:86-97.

Peterson, K.W., D. J. Bremer, K. B. Shonkwiler and J. M. Ham. 2017. Measurement of Evapotranspiration in Turfgrass: A Comparison of Techniques. 2017. Agronomy J. doi:10.2134/agronj2017.02.0088

Li, Y., Thompson, T. M., Van Damme, M., Chen, X., Benedict, K. B., Shao, Y., Day, D., Boris, A., Sullivan, A. P., Ham, J., Whitburn, S., Clarisse, L., Coheur, P.-F., and Collett Jr., J. L. 2017. Temporal and spatial variability of ammonia in urban and agricultural regions of northern Colorado, United States, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 6197-6213.

Von Fischer, J., D. Cooley, Chamberlain, S., Gaylord, A., Griebenow, C. , Hamburg, S., Salo, J., Schumacher, R.,  Theobald, D., Ham, J.M. 2017. Rapid, Vehicle-Based Identification of Location and Magnitude of Urban Natural Gas Pipeline Leaks. 2017. Environ. Sci. & Tech. 51:4091-4099.

Hengen, T. J., H. L. Sieverding, N. A. Cole, J. M. Ham, and J. J. Stone. 2016. Eco-Efficiency Model for Evaluating Feedlot Rations in the Great Plains, United States. J. Environ. Qual. 45:1234-1242.

Saseendran, S., Trout, T., Ahuja, L., Ma L., McMaster, G., Neilson, D., Andales, A., Chaves J., Ham, J. 2015. Quantifying crop water stress factors from soil water measurements in a limited irrigation experiment. Agricultural Systems. 137:191-205.

Sun, K., L. Tao, D. Miller, M Zondlo, K Shonkwiler, C Nash, and J. Ham. 2015. Open-path eddy covariance measurements of ammonia fluxes from a beef cattle feedlot. Agric. For. Meteorology. 213:193-202.

Parker, D., J. Ham, B. Woodbury, L. Cai, M. Spiehs, M. Rhoades, S. Trabue, K. Casey, R. Todd, A. Cole. 2013. Standardization of flux chamber and wind tunnel flux measurements for quantifying volatile organic compound and ammonia emissions from area sources at animal feeding operations. Atmospheric Environment.66:72-83.

Galles K., Ham J., Westover E., Stratton J., Wagner J., Engle T., Bryant T.C. 2011. Influence of Reduced Nitrogen Diets on Ammonia Emissions from Cattle Feedlot Pens. Atmosphere. 2(4):655-670.

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