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Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis

Pulse Agronomy

Agricultural Experiment Station

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Abbreviated CV





Academic Credentials

Cornell University Agronomy B.S., 1983
(Minor in International Agriculture)

Texas Tech University Soil Science M.S., 1984

Texas A&M University Soil Science Ph.D., 1989

Boston University Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate, 2013


Academic Positions

Instructor, Texas A&M University, 1985-1986

Junior Scientist, Tropical Soils Collaborative Research Support Program, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Niger, West Africa, 1986-1987

Assistant Professor, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences, Coastal Plain Experiment Station, University of Georgia, 1989-1995

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, 1995-2001

Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, 2001-2016

Director, Institute for Livestock and the Environment, Colorado State University, 2008-2012

Deputy Director, USAID Collaborative Research Support Program on Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change, Colorado State University, 2010-2011

Affiliate Faculty, School of Plant Science and Horticulture, Hawassa University, Ethiopia, 2012-2016

Department Head, Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University, 2016-2021

Professor of Pulse Agronomy, Agricultural Experiment Station, Colorado State University, 2022-present


Fellowships in Scientific Societies

American Society of Agronomy (2004)

Soil Science Society of America (2004)

Soil and Water Conservation Society (2009)


Publications and Presentations

Journal Articles: 76 Book Chapters: 9 Proceedings: 70

Bulletins: 21 Extension Factsheets: 47 Newsletter Articles: 105

Abstracts: 184 Popular Articles: 8 Reports: 125+

Invited Presentations: 80+ Extension Presentations: 400+


Journal Articles Published in Last Five Years (2017-2021)

Afkairin, A., J.A. Ippolito, M. Stromberger, and J.G. Davis. 2021. Solubilization of organic phosphorus sources by cyanobacteria and a commercially available bacterial consortium. Applied Soil Ecology 162.

Asmamaw, M., G. Wolde, M. Yohannes, S. Yigrem, E. Woldemeskel, A. Chala, and J.G. Davis. 2019. Comparison of cyanobacterial bio-fertilizer with urea on three crops and two soils of Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research 14: 588-596.

Erwiha, G.M., J. Ham, A. Sukor, A. Wickham, and J.G. Davis. 2020. Organic fertilizer source and application method impact ammonia volatilization. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis

Gebre, E., T. Degefu, E. Wolde-meskel, A. Lelago, and J. Davis. 2017. Response of kale (Brassica oleracea L.) crop to cyanobacterial biofertilizer in Ziway area, Ethiopia. Chemistry and Materials Research 9 (9) ISSN 2225-0956.

Gray, J.L., T. Borch, E.T. Furlong, J.G. Davis, T.J. Yager, Y. Yang, and D.W. Kolpin. 2017. Rainfall runoff of anthropogenic waste indicators from agricultural fields applied with municipal biosolids. Science of the Total Environment 580: 83-89.

Hurisso, T.T., J.G. Davis, A. Chala, A. Getachew, and E. Wolde-meskel. 2021. Impacts of Grinding and Acidification of Animal Bones with Coffee Wastewater on Plant Dry Matter Yield and Recovery of Phosphorus. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2021.1872603

Isweiri, H., Y. Qian, and J. Davis. 2021a. Comparison of fresh versus effluent water irrigation on soil chemical properties of golf course greens and fairways. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. DOI: 10.1002/its2.42.

Isweiri, H., Y. Qian, and J. Davis. 2021b. Interactive effects of waterlogging and salinity on perennial ryegrass and alkaligrass. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. DOI: 10.1002/its2.60

Mikha, M.M., D.P. Widiastuti, T.T. Hurisso, J.E. Brummer, and J.G. Davis. 2017. Influence of composted dairy manure and perennial forage on soil carbon and nitrogen fractions during transition into organic management. Agriculture 7: 37. doi:10.3390/agriculture7050037.

Sterle, D.G., F. Stonaker, S. Ela, and J.G. Davis. 2021. Cyanobacterial biofertilizer as a supplemental fertilizer for peaches: Yield, trunk growth, leaf nutrients and chlorosis. Journal of the American Pomological Society 75(3): 165-175.

Wenz, J., J.G. Davis, and H. Storteboom. 2019. Influence of light on endogenous phytohormone concentrations of a nitrogen-fixing Anabaena sp. cyanobacterium culture in open raceways for use as fertilizer for horticultural crops. Journal of Applied Phycology 31: 3371-3384.

Widiastuti, D., and J.G. Davis. 2020. Optimization of the nutrient growing solution and inoculation rate for Azolla mexicana production and use as fertilizer. Journal of Plant Nutrition. DOI: 10.1080/01904167.2020.1849287

Wolde, G., M. Asmamaw, M.Y. Sido, S. Yigrem, E. Wolde-meskel, A. Chala, H. Storteboom, and J.G. Davis. 2020. Optimizing a cyanobacterial biofertilizer manufacturing system for village-level production in Ethiopia. Journal of Applied Phycology

Yoder N., and J.G. Davis. 2020. Organic fertilizer comparison on growth and nutrient content of three kale cultivars. HortTechnology 30: 176-184.


Selected Honors and Awards

1999, President, Colorado Extension Specialists Association.

2000, F.A. Anderson Distinguished Service Award, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

2004, Agronomic Extension Education Award, American Society of Agronomy.

2012, Team Award, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

2016-2018, President-Elect, President, and Past President, American Society of Agronomy.

2020, Who’s Who in Agriculture (Denver Business Journal).

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