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Jerry Johnson

photo of Jerry Johnson

Extension Specialist- Crops Testing Leader


970-491-1454 office

970-690-9259 cell

970-491-1914 crops testing office

                                                      970-491-6201 Soil and Crop extension office



Research Interests:

Genotype x Environment Interaction studies focused on improving crop variety selection procedures and increasing adoption of superior varieties under Colorado conditions: including production systems, seed production, effective extension tools, tailoring on-farm and small plot variety testing to obtain the greatest impact with our resources.

Conduct biofuel research and extension activities toward creating energy independence of Colorado agriculture which could improve food and feed security in our state.  Target environments are dryland wheat-based-no-till cropping system, limited irrigation, and fully irrigated environments for oilseed to biodiesel or straight vegetable oil production.

Agronomic methods to improve wheat quality for superior bread making and quality stability over time and space in eastern Colorado.


Extension and Outreach:

Conduct winter wheat and dry bean field days and train field extension agents via workshops, seminars, newsletters, and collaborative projects and respond to public requests for crop production information from individuals, government organizations, or industry and commodity groups.

Crop variety testing program: annually plant and harvest ~3,000 wheat, corn, soybean, dry bean, sorghum, and oilseed plots in 30 eastern Colorado locations and write and publish five annual crop reports.  Annually procure grants and entry fees.  maintain variety testing agreements with 37 corn, bean, wheat, and sunflower seed companies.

Created and manages a large collaborative on-farm testing program for field testing of the best six varieties in ~30 farmer fields in eastern Colorado in collaboration with field extension agents and Colorado farmers.

Train graduate students in crop agronomy, alternative oilseed crops, and all aspects of biofuels from oilseeds.


Curriculum Vitae

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