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Geoff Morris

photo of Geoff Morris


C119 Plant Sciences

(970) 491-2102


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago.

B.Sc., Biology, University of Ottawa 


SOCR792 – Seminar

SOCR581 – Plant Genetic Resources: Genomes, Genebanks, Growers

SOCR461 – Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Applied scientific method:


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:
BMGF-Mining useful alleles for climate change adaptation from CGIAR gene banks

USAID Feed the Future – Sorghum Millet Innovation Lab:
Durable adaptation to aphid and drought for smallholder sorghum in the Americas

USAID Feed the Future – Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement (ILCI):
Trait Discovery Lead

USAID Feed the Future  – Sorghum Millet Innovation Lab:
GENMIL: Genetic Enhancement of Pearl Millet for Yield, Biotic and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in West Africa.

USAID Feed the Future – Sorghum Millet Innovation Lab:
SAWAGEN: Improving Sorghum Adaptation in West Africa with a Genomics-Enabled Breeding Network

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research:
Bridging the Genome-to-Phenome Breeding Gap for Water-Efficient Crop Yields (G2P Bridge)


Muleta KT, Felderhoff TJ, Winans N, Walstead R, Charles JR, Armstrong JS, Mamidi S, Plott C, Vogel JP, Lemaux PG, Mockler TC, Grimwood J, Schmutz J, Pressoir G, Morris GP (2022) The recent evolutionary rescue of a staple crop depended on over half a century of global germplasm exchange. Science Advances.

Sharma VK, Marla S, Zheng W, Mishra D, Huang J, Zhang W, Morris GP, Cook DE (2022) CRISPR guides induce gene silencing in plants in the absence of Cas. Genome Biology. 

Faye JM, Akata EA, Sine, B, Diatta C, Cisse N, Fonceka D, Morris GP (2021). Quantitative and population genomics suggest a broad role of staygreen loci in the drought adaptation of sorghum. The Plant Genome

Raymundo R, Sexton-Bowser S., Ciampitti IA, Morris GP (2021) Crop modeling defines opportunities and challenges for drought escape, water capture, and yield increase using chilling-tolerant sorghum. Plant Direct.

Faye JM, Maina F, Akata EA, Sine B, Diatta C, Mamadou A, Marla S, Bouchet S, Teme N, Rami JF, Fonceka DF, Cisse N, Morris GP (2021) A genomics resource for genetics, physiology, and breeding of West African sorghum. The Plant Genome.

Olatoye MO, Hu Z, Morris GP (2020) Genome-wide mapping and prediction of plant architecture in a sorghum nested association mapping population. The Plant Genome.

Olatoye MO, Marla SR, Hu Z, Bouchet S, Perumal R, Morris GP (2020) Dissecting adaptive traits with nested association mapping: Genetic architecture of inflorescence morphology in sorghum. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. 

Bellis ES, Kelly EA, Lorts CM, Gao H, DeLeo VL, Rouhan G, Budden A, Bhaskara GB, Hu Z, Muscarella R, Timko MP, Nebie B, Runo SM, Chilcoat ND, Juenger TE, Morris GP, dePamphilis CW, Lasky JR. (2020) Genomics of sorghum local adaptation to a parasitic plant. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Wang J, Hu Z, Upadhyaya HD, Morris GP (2020) Genomic signatures of seed mass adaptation to global precipitation gradients in sorghum. Heredity

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Twitter: @CropAdaptation

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