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Takumi Tsuchiya

photo of Tak Tsuchiya

Degrees Awarded

  • B.S. Agric Gifu Agricultural College, Japan – 1943
  • B.S. Agric Kyote (Imperial) University, Japan – 1947
  • Doctor Agrie-Kyoto (Imperial) University – 1960
  • Years at CSU – 1969 to 1992


Awards and Recognition

  • Fellow, American Society Agronomy, 1982
  • Fellow, Crop Science Society America, 1985
  • Crop Science Research Award, Crop Science Society America, 1986
  • Oliver Pennock Distinguished Service Award, CSU, 1986
  • Honorary Foreign Membership, Genetics Society Japan, 1986
  • Foreign Scientific Fellow, Japan Society for Promotion of Science, 1986
  • Faculty Achievement Award, Burlington Northern Found, CSU, 1987
  • Sigma Xi Honor Scientist Award, CSU, 1987
  • President, Sigma Xi, CSU Chapter, 1991
  • Dekalb Genetics Distinguished Career Award, Crop Science Society of America, 1991
  • University Distinguished Professor, CSU, 1991

Dr. Takumi Tsuchiya is recognized for his outstanding contributions to plant genetics and cytogenetics through basic scientific research, graduate education, and professional service. His formal education was gained in Japan. He came to CSU in 1968 to conduct research on barley genetics and cytogenetics and to manage the World Genetics Stock Center, a position previously held by Dr. David “Scotty” Robertson. Dr. Tsuchiya established an international reputation working with barley, triticale, sugar beet, and other plant species. His career spanned a 43-year period.

Dr. Tsuchiya’s most significant accomplishment was his research in barley genetics and cytogenetics.  He established the first complete set of primary trisomics and other trisomics and anouploido, and their uses in genetic/linkage analyses for the development of linkage maps.  These genetic stocks were maintained yearly by Dr. Tsuchiya for research and education. He shared them with scientists throughout the world. In his later years, he was engaged in chromosome engineering research in triticale, sugar beet, Metasequoia tree species and others. Also he investigated genetic changes during long-term storage of seed germplasm.

Dr. Tsuchiya was a co-founder of the Barley Genetics Newlsletter; he played a key role in collecting research contributions, editing, publishing, and distributing the Newsletter throughout the world for many years. He knew every barley scientist in the world!

Tak contributed significantly to the education of primarily graduate students. His unique way of teaching his courses, by use of original scientific papers, and by his dedication to educating and training students, resulted in highly active and productive Ph.D. and M.S. students.

In 1991, Dr. Tsuchiya was promoted to the rank of University Distinguished Professor, the highest recognition bestowed on any CSU faculty.

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