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Stephen Pearce

Portrait of Stephen Pearce

Wheat Functional Genomics
Assistant Professor

C134 Plant Sciences

970-491-1427 office

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Stephen Pearce is an Assistant Professor in Wheat Functional Genomics at Colorado State University. Stephen completed research towards his PhD at Rothamsted Research (UK) in 2009 and earned an MSc from the University of Sussex (2005) and a BSc from the University of Leeds (2003). His research interests lie in the application of molecular biology and bioinformatics approaches to improve wheat yield and quality.

Research Interests:

Our lab’s research focus is the application of molecular biology and genomics approaches to understand the genetic basis of traits of interest in wheat. Current research projects include studies of the determinants of yield components, such as spikelet number and grain size, developing strategies to improve the nutritional quality of wheat and investigating the mechanisms of abiotic stress resistance, such as frost tolerance. Through an improved understanding of the genetic basis of these traits, our long-term research goals are to apply this knowledge to contribute to the development of higher-yielding wheat varieties with improved quality.


SOCR 460 – Applications of Crop Biotechnology

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