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Personnel Photo of Ali Mehdawi  Mehdawi
Ali Mehdawi Mehdawi
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Biology Building, Room
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    El Mehdawi, Ali F., , Jiang, Ying, Guignardi, Zack S., Esmat, Ahmad, Pilon, Marinus, Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth A. H., , Schiavon, Michela, (2018) Influence of sulfate supply on selenium uptake dynamics and expression of sulfate/selenate transporters in selenium hyperaccumulator and nonhyperaccumulator Brassicaceae NEW PHYTOLOGIST 217 1 194-205

    Colin, Quinn, Mehdawi, Ali Farag, Pilon-smits, , (2017) "Ecology of selenium in plants" Book 177-189

    Mehdawi, Ali Farag, Cappa, Jennifer Jocarole, Fakra, S C, Self, James R, Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth AH, (2012) Interactions of selenium hyperaccumulators and nonaccumulators during cocultivation on seleniferous or nonseleniferous soil--the importance of having good neighbors. The New phytologist 194 1 264-77

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