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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Ada  Szczepaniec
Ada Szczepaniec
Associate Professor in Horticulture Entomology
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, University of Maryland; Entomology
  • BS, University of Maryland; Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Personal Website:

Szczepaniec earned her B.S. in Cell Molecular Biology and Genetics and Ph.D. in Entomology from University of Maryland, College Park. Current work is focused on sustainable approaches to management of pests associated with industrial hemp including establishing economic injury levels in conventional and organic hemp production, incorporating biological control in IPM of hemp and specialty crops, insecticide resistance, and mechanisms driving irruptive pest population dynamics.

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Kiani, Mahnaz, Bryan, Becky, Rush, Charles, Szczepaniec, Ada, (2021) Transcriptional Responses of Resistant and Susceptible Wheat Exposed to Wheat Curl Mite International journal of molecular sciences 22 5 2703

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Neupane, Subin B, Kerns, David L, Szczepaniec, Ada, (2020) The Impact of Sorghum Growth Stage and Resistance on Life History of Sugarcane Aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Journal of economic entomology 113 2 787--792

Szczepaniec, Ada, Varela, Kristyne A, Kiani, Mahnaz, Paetzold, Li, Rush, Charles M, (2019) Incidence of resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides in Bactericera cockerelli across Southwest US Crop protection 116 188--195

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Regan, Karly, Ordosch, David, Glover, Karl D, Tilmon, Kelley J, Szczepaniec, Ada, (2017) Effects of a pyrethroid and two neonicotinoid insecticides on population dynamics of key pests of soybean and abundance of their natural enemies Crop Protection 98 24--32

Byamukama, Emmanuel, Szczepaniec, Ada, Strunk, Connie, Fanning, Robert, Bachmann, Amanda, Deneke, Darrell, Johnson, Paul, others, , (2016) Assessing integrated pest management implementation and knowledge gaps in South Dakota. Journal of Extension 54 1

Ordosch, David, Narem, Robert, Szczepaniec, Ada, (2016) Effectiveness of Bt Maize against Corn Rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and Species Composition in South Dakota Ten Years Following the Introduction of Transgenic Maize1 Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology 32 1 59--70

Szczepaniec, Adrianna, Spomer, Neil, (2016) Effects of Chlorpyrifos and Lambda- and Gamma-Cyhalothrin on Suppression of Aster Leafhoppers, Macrosteles quadrilineatus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in Spring Wheat Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology 32 1 25--34

Szczepaniec, Ada, Glover, Karl D, Berzonsky, William, (2015) Impact of solid and hollow varieties of winter and spring wheat on severity of wheat stem sawfly (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) infestations and yield and quality of grain Journal of economic entomology 108 5 2316--2323

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Szczepaniec, Ada, Raupp, Michael J, (2013) Direct and indirect effects of imidacloprid on fecundity and abundance of Eurytetranychus buxi (Acari: Tetranychidae) on boxwoods Experimental and applied acarology 59 3 307--318

Szczepaniec, Ada, Raupp, Brian B, Raupp, Michael J, others, , (2013) Effects of dinotefuran and imidacloprid on target and non-target arthropods on American elm. Arboriculture \& Urban Forestry 39 5 231--235

Szczepaniec, Ada, Widney, Sarah E, Bernal, Julio S, Eubanks, Micky D, (2013) Higher expression of induced defenses in teosintes (Z ea spp.) is correlated with greater resistance to fall armyworm, S podoptera frugiperda Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 146 2 242--251

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Szczepaniec, Ada, Raupp, Michael J, others, , (2012) Effects of imidacloprid on spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) abundance and associated injury to boxwood (Buxus spp.). Arboriculture \& Urban Forestry 38 2 37--40

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Szczepaniec, Ada, Raupp, Michael J, (2007) Residual toxicity of imidacloprid to hawthorn lace bug, Corythuca cydoniae, feeding on cotoneasters in landscapes and containers Journal of Environmental Horticulture 25 1 43--46

Raupp, Michael J, Webb, Ralph E, Szczepaniec, Ada, Booth, Donald, Ahern, Robert, (2004) Incidence, abundance, and severity of mites on hemlocks following applications of imidacloprid

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