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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Matt A Camper
Matt A Camper
STA Instructor
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
  • MS, Colorado State University; Entomology
  • BA, Colorado State University; Sociology
  • BS, Colorado State University; Psychology
  • Other, Colorado State University; Criminal Justice

Currently, my main focus is teaching. One of my research goals is to develop (and later implement) methods that bring hands-on science experiments/demonstrations to high enrollment (150 + student) classes at CSU. This includes both traditionally taught and online course development.

I have broad research interests with respect to pest insect species in Colorado. My main focus over the past 10 years has been on insect pests of horticultural commodity crops. However, with the recent explosion in bed bugs around the state some of my focus has shifted toward urban entomology and the Cimex species pest complex.

Gilman, Neyda Victoria, Sagas, Jimena, Camper, Matt A, Norton, Andrew P, (2017) A faculty--librarian collaboration success story: Implementing a teach-the-teacher library and information literacy instruction model in a first-year agricultural science course library trends 65 3 339--358

Camper, Matt A, (2013) "Book endorsement review" CRC Press

Young, Deborah J, Tisserat, Ned A, Schwartz, Howard F, Camper, Matt A, (2011) "Extension Integrated Pest Management – Coordination and Support Program for Colorado " USDA CRIS Report

(2010) "Pest Control Industry: An Assessment of Current Concerns and Needs in Colorado and Wyoming" Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station Bull No TB10-01 5-Jan

(2010) Spatial and temporal distribution of Iris yellow spot virus and thrips in Colorado onion fields Online Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2010-0820-01-RS

Schwartz, Howard F, Gent, David H, Fichtner, Scott M., Khosla, R., Reich, Robin, Camper, Matt A, Mchaffey, Linda A, Cranshaw, Whitney S, (2010) Spatial and temporal distribution of Iris yellow spot virus and thrips in Colorado onion fields APS Plant Management Network

Schwartz, Howard F, Gent, David H, Fichtner, Scott M, Hammon, Robert, Cranshaw, Whitney S, Mahaffey, Linda, Camper, Matt A, Otto, Kristen, McMillan, Mark S, (2009) Straw Mulch and Reduced-Risk Pesticide Impacts on Thrips and Iris Yellow Spot Virus on Western-Grown Onions Southwestern Entomologist 34 13-29

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