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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Deana  Namuth-Covert
Deana Namuth-Covert
Upskilling Academy Director
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Namuth-Covert, Deana, Volk, Gayle, Gu, Laura, Kinard, Gary , Cerimele, Gina, Chin, Kathryn, Munoz-Amatrian, Maria, Byrne, Pat, Zarestky, Jill, Mahama, Assibi, Suza, Walter, Gardner, Candy, Jewel, Kierra, (2021) " GRIN-U – Online learning for plant genetic resources conservation and use (funded by USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant)." USDA Website

    Volk, Gayle M, Namuth-Covert, Deana, Byrne, Patrick F, (2019) Training in Plant Genetic Resources Management: A Way Forward CROP SCIENCE 59 3 853-857

    Nugent, Gwen, Lester, Houston, Guru, Ashu, Kohmetscher, Amy, Namuth-Covert, Deana, Jolly, Sushma, (2017) "Predictive Analytics for Learning and Usage of the Plant Sciences E-Library" 2017 COMPUTING CONFERENCE 1165-1168

    Unver, T, Namuth-Covert, Deana, Budak, H, (2009) Review of current methodological approaches for characterizing microRNAs in plants. International journal of plant genomics 2009 262463

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