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Personnel Photo of Erika  Peirce
Erika Peirce
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Peirce, Erika Sasha, Cockrell, Darren Matthew, Mason, Esten, Haley, Scott, Peairs, Frank, Nachappa, Punya, (2022) Solid Stems and Beyond: Challenges and Future Directions of Resistance to Wheat Stem Sawfly (Hymenoptera: Cephidae). Journal of Integrated Pest Management

    Jones-Diamond, Sally Marie, Mason, Esten, Johnson, Jerry J, Haley, Scott D, Asfeld, Ed P, Tyler, Roger Whitaker, Kluth, Danica L, Meyer, Ron Francis, Trujillo, Wilma, Kaan, Dennis A, Roesch, K., Larson, Kevin, Douglas-Mankin, Kyle, Pettinger, Brett Terrill, Gaines, Todd A, Westra, Eric Philip, Shelton, Chad, Erker, Brad, Roberts, Robyn, Pottorff, Laura, Novak, Rick Allen, Nachappa, Punya, Cockrell, Darren Matthew, Peirce, Erika Sasha, (2021) "TR21-3: Making Better Decisions, 2020 Colorado Winter Wheat Variety Performance Trials" Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station

    Sitz, Rachael Altschuler, Peirce, Erika Sasha, Luna, Emily Katrin, Cockrell, Darren Matthew, Newhard, Laura Jean, Peairs, Frank B, (2019) Temperature Limits for the Brown Wheat Mite, in Colorado Journal of economic entomology 112 5 2507--2511

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