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Federico Martin
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Wang, Li, Kaya, Hilal Betul, Zhang, Ning, Rai, Rhitu, Willmann, Matthew R, Carpenter, Sara CD, Read, Andrew C, Martin, Federico, Fei, Zhangjun, Leach, Jan E, (2021) Spelling changes and fluorescent tagging with prime editing vectors for plants Fontiers in Genome Editing in press

    Carrillo MGC, , Martin, Federico, Variar, M, Bhatt, J C, Perez-Quintero, A, Leung, H, Leach, Jan E, Vera Cruz, C M, (2021) Accumulating candidate genes for broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast in a drought-tolerant rice cultivar. Scientific reports 11 1 21502

    Tonnessen, Bradley William, Bossa-Castro, A M, Martin, Federico, Leach, Jan E, (2021) Intergenic spaces: a new frontier to improving plant health. The New Phytologist 232 4 1540-1548

    Wang, Lijuan, Kaya, H B, Zhang, N, Rai, R, Willmann, M R, Carpenter SCD, , Read, A C, Martin, Federico, Fei, Z, Leach, Jan E, Martin, Garret, Bogdanove, A J, (2021) Spelling Changes and Fluorescent Tagging With Prime Editing Vectors for Plants. Frontiers in Genome Editing 3 617553

    Goodson, 3rd, W. H., Lowe, L., Carpenter, Dave, Gilbertson, M., Manaf Ali, A., Lopez de Cerain Salsamendi, A., , Lasfar, A., Carnero, A., Azqueta, A., Amedei, A., Charles, A. K., Collins, A. R., Ward, A., Salzberg, A. C., Colacci, A., Olsen, Anastasia, Berg, A., Barclay, B. J., Zhou, B. P., Blanco-Aparicio, C., Baglole, C. J., Dong, C., Mondello, C., Hsu, C. W., Naus, C. C., Yedjou, C., Curran, C. S., Laird, D. W., Koch, D. C., Carlin, D. J., Felsher, D. W., Roy, D., Brown, Dustin George, Ratovitski, E., Ryan, Elizabeth P, Corsini, E., Rojas, E., Moon, E. Y., Laconi, E., Marongiu, F., Al-Mulla, F., Chiaradonna, F., Darroudi, F., Martin, Federico, Van Schooten, F. J., Goldberg, G. S., Wagemaker, G., Nangami, G. N., Calaf, G. M., Williams, G., Wolf, G. T., Koppen, G., Brunborg, G., Lyerly, H. K., Krishnan, H., Ab Hamid, H., Yasaei, H., Sone, H., Kondoh, H., Salem, H. K., Hsu, Hsiang-Jou, Park, Hyeyoon, Koturbash, I., Miousse, I. R., Scovassi, A. I., Klaunig, J. E., Vondracek, J., Raju, J., Roman, J., Wise, Sr., J. P., Whitfield, J. R., Woodrick, J., Christopher, J. A., Ochieng, J., Martinez-Leal, J. F., Weisz, J., Kravchenko, J., Sun, J., Prudhomme, K. R., Narayanan, K. B., Cohen-Solal, K. A., Moorwood, K., Gonzalez, L., Soucek, L., Jian, L., D’Abronzo, L. S., Lin, L. T., Li, Li, Gulliver, L., McCawley, L. J., Memeo, L., Vermeulen, L., Leyns, L., Zhang, L., Valverde, M., Khatami, M., Romano, M. F., Chapellier, M., Williams, M. A., Wade, M., others, , (2015) Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead Carcinogenesis 36 Suppl 1 S254-96

    Robey, R. B., Weisz, J., Kuemmerle, N. B., Salzberg, A. C., Berg, A., Brown, Dustin George, Kubik, L., Palorini, R., Al-Mulla, F., Al-Temaimi, R., Colacci, A., Mondello, C., Raju, J., Woodrick, J., Scovassi, A. I., Singh, N., Vaccari, M., Roy, R., Forte, S., Memeo, L., Salem, H. K., Amedei, A., Hamid, R. A., Williams, G. P., Lowe, L., Meyer, Joe S, Martin, Federico, Bisson, W. H., Chiaradonna, F., Ryan, Elizabeth P, (2015) Metabolic reprogramming and dysregulated metabolism: cause, consequence and/or enabler of environmental carcinogenesis? Carcinogenesis 36 Suppl 1 S203-31

    Bultema, J J, Boyle, Judith A, Malenke, P B, Martin, Federico, Dell'Angelica, E C, Cheney, R E, Di Pietro, Santiago M, (2014) Myosin vc interacts with Rab32 and Rab38 proteins and works in the biogenesis and secretion of melanosomes. The Journal of biological chemistry 289 48 33513-28

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