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Personnel Photo of Hong  Wang
Hong Wang
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Growth Facilities Building, Room
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    Wang, Hong, SHI, Run-he, LIU, Pu-dong, Gao, Wei, (2016) Dual NDVI Ratio Vegetation Index: A Kind of Vegetation Index Assessing Leaf Carotenoid Content Based on Leaf Optical Properties Model Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis 36 7 2189–2194

    Liu, Pudong, Shi, Runhe, Wang, Hong, Liu, Chaoshun, Sun, Zhibin, Gao, Wei, (2015) "Influence of canopy biochemical and biophysical variables on reflectance spectra based on canopy radiative transfer model with adding noise" 96100F–96100F

    Wang, Hong, Shi, Runhe, Liu, Pudong, Ma, Mingliang, Gao, Wei, (2014) "Analysis of optimal narrow band RVI for estimating foliar photosynthetic pigments based on PROSPECT model" 922110–922110

    Liu, Pudong, Shi, Runhe, Wang, Hong, Bai, Kaixu, Gao, Wei, (2014) "Estimating leaf photosynthetic pigments information by stepwise multiple linear regression analysis and a leaf optical model" 92211A–92211A

    Ma, Mingliang, Shi, Runhe, Liu, Pudong, Wang, Hong, Gao, Wei, (2014) "The impacts of bandwidths on the estimation of leaf chlorophyll concentration using normalized difference vegetation indices" 922111–922111

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